November 30, 2011

FSU Weekend - Part 1 of 3

Last year we took Hunter to his first FSU game.  It was homecoming weekend so we went up early and enjoyed the parade the day before.  This year we decided to do it again.  The morning we were leaving to make it to the parade Hunter threw up.  I sent Heath on to Tallahassee and we stayed at Grandma's to let Hunter rest.  He never threw up again and took a long nap.  We decided to drive over that evening.

 The next morning we were able to take Hunter on a campus tour since it was a night game and we wouldn't be tailgating until the afternoon.  We started at the Westcott Building and most popular fountain on campus.  You're not an FSU student if you've never taken a swim in the Westcott Fountain!


It's possible that he'll be standing here in his cap and gown in 17 years!


We wanted to show Hunter the bricks that we have placed at Westcott.

He thought it was pretty cool :)


We decided to walk a little and ended up walking A LOT and going to lots of different landmarks.


This is the dorm that Heath's cousin lived in for a while.


Landis Green

Gosh, he's just so handsome.


Stay Tuned for Part 2.....

November 28, 2011

A glimpse...

 So, I have lots to blog about, BUT I have lots of pictures to edit before I can.  So, you get the iphone preview with a promise of more to come :)

This was taken at the rehearsal dinner for Heath's cousin's wedding a few weeks ago. 
Rehearsal dinner!

We took Hunter to an FSU game.  It was quite an eventful weekend.
It's almost game time!

He slept in a 'spaceship bed'.....two chairs smooshed together just the perfect size for him.
His 'bed' for the next 2 nights

And of course, we've been decorating for Christmas....while the kids stand on their heads!
crazy kids

November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Feast

Last week Hunter had a Thanksgiving Feast at school.  The kids dressed up as pilgrims and indians and sang a few songs for us.  It was so cute!  Hunter led the prayer before we ate and I'm told he ASKED to be the prayer leader.  Love that.  Then we all ate a picnic lunch in the classroom.  I love seeing little glimpses into what they do at school each day.

Next up:  Hunter has a line to memorize for the Christmas Program!






LOVE his teacher!

November 16, 2011


Oh look, it's a family picture!  Let me distract you from my lack of blogging :)
This weekend will be the third weekend in a row we've been out of town.  I have pictures to share, but can't seem to get past my client pictures and on to mine.  This weekend we'll be taking Hunter to an FSU game.  It's homecoming so the parade and all the festivities are fun to experience with him.  He loved it last year so we're hoping for more of the same this year.


November 15, 2011

Grandma Time

I know I don't take enough pictures of the kids with their grandparents.  I'm going to blame that mostly on them (the grandparents) because they don't like to have their picture taken.  But I need to be better at insisting.  The kids will love those pictures when they get older.  See you in a couple days, Grandma!

We love Grandma!

November 7, 2011

My Babies

I managed to get myself in a picture recently.  In an attempt to grow my hair out a bit (no idea how long this will last) I've been wearing hair accessories.  Kinda fun!  Peyton and I had matching ones in these pictures.  And yes, I made them :)


At two she's already learned how to photo bomb a picture.  How can you not laugh looking at that?! She kills me!

November 6, 2011


We returned home this evening after being away for 3 days.  I was making a mental list of everything I needed to do when I got home plus everything going on this week that I need to prepare for.  We weren't home 30 minutes and I watch Hunter trip outside on the porch and go head first into the screen fence that goes around the pool.  There were immediate tears and that reaction to fight back because it hurts so bad.  I immediately grabbed him and comforted him before assessing the injury.  I thought he had hit his face, but then I saw some blood in his hair.  There was a little, but deep enough cut to warrant a trip to urgent care.  There was a screw sticking out of the pole and that's what cut him.  So, off we went.  The lists can wait.  He was terrified of needing stitches, but I was pretty confident they would just glue it.  And glue it they did.  He was SO brave and declared afterward that it didn't hurt at all.  We were in and out and home in no time.  I think the worst part of it will be having to sit out during playground time at school this week!  Let's hope the week is a little less exciting :)

Urgent care trip for Hunter. Cut on the head. Thankfully, a little glue is all it needed.