July 7, 2013

Beach Week 2013 AKA Pukation

Beach week started out great... fun in the sun with friends.


Tired kids at the end of the day....
tired kids   #pictapgo_app
A little Wii in the mornings...

Friends are here, kids are happy

Then the stomach bug hit.  It started with the littlest one on Day 2, another kid got it Day 3, the other 3 kids got it at the end of Day 3, then 2 adults got it closer to Day 4.  It was a lovely 12 hour bug that made most of the kids puke their guts out.  Day 4 was a recovery day and we all finally enjoyed the beach together on the last day we'd all be together.  We named our vacation "Pukation".  Definitely a first... and hopefully a last!
All 5 kids are down. The last 3 within the last hour. I'd rather just get it over with and get on with our vacay. Please let the adults stay healthy!!

Ok, enough of the puke talk and back to the beach pictures...


We caught some fish in the cast net

The girls just enjoyed watching them swim around



Hunter learned how to lift the nose of his boogie board so he was catching some much bigger waves this time.



Heath would take Peyton out deep to jump "big fat juicy waves" as she would call them.




All that matters.

fishy  #pictapgo_app

We got Hunter his first official surfboard.  He agreed to use some piggy bank money to pay for half of it.  It's a foam board and really light so it took a few tries for him to get the hang of it, but he did.

#lilsurfer #surferdude