November 30, 2009

Our Thanksgiving

I have a lot of pictures to share this week! We had a good weekend in Jacksonville with my family for Thanksgiving. My mom had her 3 girls and 5 grandkids all in one place so naturally we had to take a lot of pictures! Who knows when it will happen again.

3 generations - My parents, 3 daughters, 5 grandkids, and 1 son-in-law
All 5 grandkids ages 3 months to 25 years
Our family picture

November 24, 2009


So many people say they think Peyton looks like Hunter or me. Here's a picture of them at about the same age.

And here's me a few months older. I don't have a picture at her age right now.

November 23, 2009


Peyton has one girl cousin, Ella, on Heath's side of the family. She's about a year and a half older. It won't be long before they will be able to play together. They're sure to be tough with all the boys around!

We never go anywhere without a bow :o)

Aunt Tiff knows how to get some smiles

November 20, 2009

Thanksgiving Feast

Yesterday was Hunter's Thanksgiving Feast at school. Parents and anyone else are invited to come have lunch with the kids. When we got there the kids were dressed up like Indians and they sang a song they'd been working on.... well, half of them did. We were so proud that Hunter stood there and participated singing the song. Video is at the end of this post.

I made Hunter a turkey shirt (Uncle Ronnie should love that!) for the occasion. This is the face I get accompanied with "CHEESE!!" when I pull the camera out these days.
I told him to say 'spaghetti' here and got a better smile

Dressed like an Indian

November 18, 2009

ICE 2009

Last night we went to see the ICE exhibit at Gaylord Palms hotel. Grandma takes us every year since we can get in for free. I think this is our fourth year maybe? ICE is made up of 2 million pounds of ice and takes dozens of men months to complete. It's pretty amazing and they do some new things each year. Last year Hunter wasn't a fan of it. It was cold and there were a lot of people the night we went. Last night was perfect. We prepared him ahead of time showing him pictures and telling him it was going to be cold and that he had to wear a hat, gloves, and big coat. It's all he talked about for days prior. Last night there was hardly anyone there which made it much more enjoyable for everyone.

Here's what Hunter thought of it last year. Look how much he's changed!
This year he was all smiles!
In the ice cave
He must have gone down the slide at least 20 times!
Amazing Nativity Scene

The boys before we put on all the heavy stuff

My boys
Cute walrus
A big Santa

November 15, 2009

A few pictures from Saturday

Peyton has some wild hair. It sticks up in the back no matter what I do. Even when it's wet it's sticking up. I'm hoping as it gets thicker it will start to lay down.
Getting ready to go to a baby shower. She looks like she's giving the camera the stink eye.
Cute little outfit

November 9, 2009

A Big Fish and A Pretty Dress

Hunter and Daddy went out to a nearby lake to fish Saturday morning. Hunter caught one BIG FISH and four little fish. Here is the BIG FISH. He's quite proud.

Here's Peyton sporting one of her $1 dresses. I bought her 5 dresses for under $5 the other day. She really didn't NEED them, but how could I not?!

November 6, 2009

My Pretty Girl

I took a couple dozen pictures of Peyton in a matter of minutes and could only narrow it down to 19. Her expression is different in all of them! Here are some favorites.

Telling me a story
Kissy Face
Working those neck muscles
Modeling her Santa Dress in this summer weather. Let's hope she can wear a shirt and tights underneath as it gets closer to Christmas. I won't hold my breath!

November 5, 2009

Fishing Videos

Reeling in a 'BIG' fish

Throwing him back (he thinks Heath is taking a picture)

November 3, 2009

Miss Peyton

I'm loving the leg warmers
She thinks Allison is pretty funny
Another ruffle butt!


Besides Trick or Treating, the highlight of the weekend was fishing. Uncle Ronnie got some worms to fish with and that must have been the trick. Hunter reeled in fish after fish. At least a dozen of them - catfish, bass, and brim. He liked picking out the perfect worm to use, too. I think Uncle Ronnie has groomed him a new fishing buddy.

Here is the first catch of the day

Patiently waiting for the bobber to go under
The last catch of the day
Aunt Pat getting some snuggles
A little computer time. See the picture in the background? That was taken over a year ago. I guess some things never change :o)

November 2, 2009

Where to start?!

We spent the last 4 days in Jacksonville so I have a lot of pictures to share! Let's start with Halloween since I'm sure everyone is dying to see the kids in costume.

Peyton was a cute little Bumble Bee
Plan A was for Hunter to be a race car driver, but the weather didn't cooperate so I decided to put together something that would be a little cooler for him. We used the cape Aunt Tiff made and I got some tights and made a belt and a mask. If you asked him he was Superman, but he was technically his own super hero, Super Hunter.

A decent family picture. I'm kind of impressed.
Grandma and Grandpa with their babies
Kids are ready for trick or treating! Allison was the perfect Dorothy.
Jack was the cutest Lion
Racing to the door!
I think Hunter had conversations with every person who gave him candy.