September 23, 2012

Peyton's 3 Year Pictures

I took Peyton out for her 3 year pictures one morning to a new location I wanted to try out.  Our shoot started like this.....

...and this...

I'm pretty sure the promise of a lollipop was made so things turned around a bit.

She's such a ham.
Peyton3YearPics-7 Peyton3YearPics-9






And then it ended about the same way it started :)


Peyton, I hope you always know how beautiful you are....inside and out.


September 20, 2012

What we've been up to...

The last post was about the camper we bought.  Well, since then we've just been sick.  Heath got bronchitis and has been on meds for a week now and since isn't 100%.  I've had THE PLAGUE...that's what I'm calling it.  It won't go away.  It's been a week for me, too.  The kids are fine though.  So, this is what I feel like....
I think I'm more tired with 2 kids in school than I was with them home

Hunter continues to love school.  His teacher says he's the best singer in the class :).  Peyton asks to go to school every day. In just a couple of weeks it has changed her personality SO much.  This week they are taking care of babies that they made out of a bag of rice.  She tells me everyday what she did with that baby.  One day the baby needed a check-up and was sick.  Then the next day the baby was all better.  She's super excited to bring the baby home tomorrow.
off to school

Saturday was Hunter first soccer game.  He's moved up an age group so it's a little more competitive since all the kids actually want to participate.  He managed to score 2 goals and really hustled the whole game.
resulted in his first goal of the season and first of two for the day ⚽⚽ #soccer #hustle

Today was Hunter's birthday.  Heath and I had lunch with him at school and we went out for ice cream tonight. (Official birthday post coming soon.)
Lunch with the birthday boy! How do I have a 6 year old??


September 6, 2012

Our New Home Away From Home!

We are the new owners of a pop up camper!
We've been thinking about this purchase for a couple of months.  Heath and I both grew up camping and we've been tent camping a few times with Hunter in the past couple of years.
We decided this would be a good purchase because we could do a little bit more traveling and it will be great family time.  We'd love to camp in The Keys and go to Stone Mountain.  Those 2 places are on the top of the list so far.  And of course we'll camp close to home with friends like we normally do.  This baby has A/C so now we can camp even when it's warm.  That was the #1 requirement for Heath.   It does need a bit of a facelift inside... some new linoleum flooring and new curtains, but after that we will be set!  We're excited and can't wait to fix it up and go camping!

{This is the back side}
Our new home away from home!

September 5, 2012

Family Project

Hunter brought home a Family Homework Project.  We were supposed to all work together to create a Scrapbook all about Hunter and his family using pictures, drawings, stickers, whatever you can find.

first family homework project. create a scrapbook page about hunter and his family.

Here's the finished product.  His drawing is of us camping in case you can't tell.
All done! #familyproject #homework #kindergarten

September 4, 2012

The baby goes to school...

Today, for the first time, I packed 2 lunches.
Peyton started preschool... the 3 year old class.
She barely makes it since her birthday was just a week ago.  She's the baby.
She's been so excited to go to preschool.
She was super excited to take her lunch and play on the playground.
She has not been super excited about the 'mommy doesn't stay at school' part.

My first time packing 2 lunches. The baby is going off to school.





She walked in with no clinging.

Sat down and started a puzzle.


She whimpered a bit when I said good-bye.  You can see the nervousness in her eyes.

I'm happy to report that she had a great day.  The teacher said there was no crying and she did just fine.
She ate all of her lunch which is always a good sign.
I can already tell that I am going to know A LOT more about what goes on at school with her than I ever have with Hunter.
She told me that she ate all her lunch, played on the playground, played with Cole, read stories, read Chicka Chicka boom boom,  and sang songs.
I asked if she had a fun first day of school and she said, "YES, I want to do it again!".

Daily Stuff

A lot of the daily stuff get recorded in pictures on my phone so here's a sampling of the last couple of weeks.

We are super excited that college football is back.... GO NOLES!!
Game Day! Go Noles!

We went camper shopping.  Peyton thoroughly enjoyed climbing all through them.
camper shopping! Peyton likes this one!

Peyton met her teacher last week.  Today is her first day. *tear*
Ready to meet her teacher. @elizabeth_wenzel , does this dress look familiar?

I was appointed Room Mom for Hunter's Class.  I'm a little excited :)
I was picked to be the Room Mom for Hunter's class

First Room Mom duty was to help make the teacher's birthday special.  Here's the door poster I made.  The kids all signed the bottom.
First room mom duty complete! Door poster and all the kids will sign it. Teacher's Bday this week .

I made this little prop organizer for my studio.  The frame was in my neighbor's trash and I just painted it and stapled chicken wire to the back.
Finally, a place where I can see and store a lot of my props! @lillybrussow, this is what I did with the frame I took from your trash! #photography #organization

I put up this quote on the wall in the living room.

One Saturday afternoon we went bowling and played in the arcade.  I played Dance, Dance Revolution.. so fun!
Dance, Dance Revolution! So fun.

Peyton is constantly making this face... crazy girl!
she constantly gives me this ridiculous smile when I put a camera in front of her. #photographerproblems

Hunter and I had a date at Aquatica one day before school started.  We both had fun :)
Just me and the boy at Aquatica! #mommysondate

Finally changed out the fire station pictures in Hunter's room.  The new theme is just a general sports theme.
Finally got new pics up in Hunter's room (sports theme). Top right needs to be replaced because it's a dup, but it'll do for now.

I love playing with Peyton's hair and she's pretty good at cooperating.
at least I can do fun things with her hair

This was my first try at a sock bun.  I'm super surprised at how this is created.... with an actual sock.  Google it.
sock bun! #FirstTry

We took a family bike ride and stopped to have dinner along the way.  In all we biked 6 miles. I was super proud of Hunter for making it the whole way without any complaints.
Family bike ride to eat dinner