August 28, 2008

Key West, here we come!

Heath and I are off to Key West for Labor Day weekend. Two other couples will be joining us and we've rented a nice house to stay in. Thankfully, the storms have steered clear of the keys so we should have a pretty dry weekend. Hunter will be staying with Dedi.

We had an eventful day yesterday. Since Monday he's had a runny nose and a cough that started keeping him awake at night. Mother's intuition made me bring him to the doctor to make sure it was nothing more than a cold since I'm leaving him for several days. Turns out he was wheezing enough to be concerned. We ended up coming home with an antibiotic, a steriod, and a nebulizer. Hunter hates all of it. Sorry, Dedi! I hope he's better for you. Luckily, you wouldn't know he's not well. He's still a bundle of energy.

Mr. Potato Head Hunter

August 25, 2008


I bought Hunter a play tool (an angle grinder for those that know what that is) and it came with a pair of protective goggles for all those make believe wood particles that will be flying around. He thinks they're great.


Hunter24 003

Daddy's Turn
Hunter24 004

And the obligatory 'cheese' photo. I must have a hundred of these.
Hunter24 005

August 24, 2008

Fun with the new Mac

I took a bunch of video the last time we went to the bounce house place.  With the new Mac computer (we just got it and it's awesome!) it's really easy to edit video and add music so here is a little compilation of Hunter having fun.


Hunter eats a waffle or pancake every single morning and has since he could eat solid food. He loves syrup and recently started making an attempt to say it. He says it really fast and it just makes us laugh. This video isn't the best example, but it gives you an idea of his version of the word. He likes the syrup so much that he's been licking his plate when he's finished.

Mmmmm.... syrup!

August 20, 2008

Swimming at Dedi's

The whole family got together for dinner last Sunday night for Dedi's (Heath's Aunt Deni) birthday. Hunter wanted to get in the pool, but none of the adults did. Dedi managed to help Hunter swim without having to get into the pool. She's so smart!


This face makes me laugh

Hunter and Dedi

Hunter23 174

He's telling somebody something

August 19, 2008


Hunter has always loved shoes. While I'm putting my makeup on he'll take all the shoes out of their cubbie holes and line them up on the floor. Quite often he'll be walking around the house in a (matching) pair of my shoes.

Mommy's Shoes

August 14, 2008

The Bump

Hunter learned how to give 'bumps' courtesy of Uncle Ronnie. Uncle Ronnie couldn't wait until Hunter was old enough to learn how. We practice a lot at home, but sometimes Hunter has to be in the right mood to give bumps or even high fives. Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Pat came to visit one evening while they were in town for the knife show and Hunter was a sweet boy all evening. He had a good time playing with them and he finally gaves some bumps! Pretty sure it made their day. That, and he now says 'uncle' (one of the few words he says very clearly).

Uncle Ronnie gets a bump

Aunt Pat gets a bump

August 12, 2008

Blue Eyes

Hunter has very blue eyes and I never seem to be able to get them to pop in my pictures. I finally did something right this time!
Beach Week Aug08 103_edited

Beach Week Aug08 106_edited

Beach Week Aug08 107_edited

August 11, 2008

We're back!

Our week at the beach was awesome! We rented a 3-bedroom condo and shared it with Heath's mom and Heath's sister, husband, and 2 kids. Then Dedi had a separate condo with her daughter and my parents came to visit for a couple days as well. Everyone got along wonderfully all week. The older kids were very tolerant of Hunter and played very well with him. He loves the older boys. Hunter is now repeating a lot of words so he has names for everyone - Grandma (ma'am-uh), Tiffanie (TeeTee), Ethan (Eee), Ashton (Ash-ah), Uncle (pronounces this one perfect), Grandpa (Papa).

I'm having laptop issues so all my pictures aren't uploaded to Flickr yet. Here is one and about half of them are up on Flickr. This link might work.

Beach Week Aug08 043

August 1, 2008

This will have to tide you over for the week....

We're leaving tomorrow to spend a whole week at the beach with a whole bunch of family. We're looking forward to lots of sun and lots of fun! I'm sure I'll be back with tons of pictures. Have a great week!

Pointing to Elmo

Peek-a-boo (the scarey version!)

Hunter23 085

A recent nightly ritual of climbing up Daddy over and over again.
Climbing Up Daddy

Another nightly ritual, playing 'cave' with Daddy. They get a sheet and get under it and say they're in a cave :o)


Hunter23 087

Hunter23 093