September 29, 2008

A Fun Weekend with Friends

We spent the weekend with college friends in Jacksonville.  FSU played Colorado State at Alltel Stadium Saturday.  We had a great turn out with at least 25 people.  Sonny's catered our tailgate, even delivering the food to our spot.  Doesn't get any better than that!  Only complaint is that our seats were in the sun and it was HOT!  A fun day though.

College Buds - Cory, Jason, Tony, Heath, Chad, and Beck
College buds

The significant others of the above college buds - Vanessa (married to Cory), Kim (engaged to Beck), me, Sarah (married to Jason), and Kristin (dating Chad)
The significant others of the college buds

September 22, 2008

Diagnosis: Mild Persistent Asthma

We saw the pulmonologist this morning.  They did a chest x-ray which determined the diagnosis.  Hunter's lungs are clear, but his airway is a little restricted.  It is something that he can grow out of and that's my hope since this doesn't run in either of our families.  So far, the only time we notice him having a hard time breathing is when he's sick.  It doesn't occur when he's running or playing hard.

He will get preventive medicine through an inhaler twice a day for now.  If he gets sick then we start the nebulizer right away.  The doctor will see him again in 3 months and twice a year after that.

So, not what we were expecting, but definitely not the worst case.  I think he's going to be fine and we're going to pray that he outgrows it.

Daddy and Hunter

Mommy and Hunter

September 21, 2008

Hunter's 2nd Birthday Party!

My baby is TWO!  I can't believe it.  

Hunter's birthday party was at one of his favorite places ever, the Kanga Room.   He had 14 friends and cousins attend.  The kids played for over an hour and then they all had pizza and cookie cake.  There was a little time to play some more and then it was over.  Quite a whirlwind, but the kids had a blast and I didn't have to worry about cleaning, cooking, or organizing a single thing!  That's my kind of party!

Go here to see all the pictures from his special day.

Sheer happiness

September 17, 2008

Taking the 'cave' game to a whole new level

Leave it to Daddy to come up with something bigger and better.  The cave game started with just a blanket.  They would get underneath it and say they were in a cave.

Daddy decided it was time to get bigger and better so he set up a card table and draped a sheet over it.  Hunter had a ball crawling in and out of it.

Taking the 'cave' game to a whole new level

Pretty cool!
Daddy and Hunter inside the cave

September 15, 2008

Round 2

So, last week, just 10 days after Hunter finished his medicines for the wheezing, he developed another cold.  This was Wednesday and I was leaving Friday for a girls weekend in Washington DC.  Heath and Hunter had lots of fun plans for the weekend and were really looking forward to some time together, just the boys.  I got to DC Friday afternoon and Heath called after Hunter's nap saying that he was definitely wheezing again and woke up pretty pale.  They went to the after hours clinic as soon as it opened at 5pm.  They prescribed the same medicines as last time, steroid and nebulizer treatments.  The doctor decided it was necessary to flush Hunter's ear out because it was full of wax and she couldn't see in there.  Apparently that was very traumatic for both Hunter and Heath.  The rest of the weekend was spent a little more low key than planned, but they still had a good time.  Heath was pretty happy to have mommy back home :o)

I followed up with our regular doctor this morning and Hunter's being sent to a Pulmonologist because he may need some long term preventive medicine if he's going to develop the wheezing every time he get a little cold.  Giving him steroids that often is not recommended.  They call it Reactive Airway Disease.

In a photo box

September 11, 2008

New Products at Written In Thread!

These are called Pillow Case Dresses. They were originally made out of pillowcases to make it as easy as possible for anyone to make. I'm making two sizes, 12-24 months and 2T-6 although they can be made a specific length if you wish. Dresses will start out long and get shorter as the child grows. All you have to do is loosen the ribbon at the shoulders. Dresses can turn into tops paired with leggings or capris if they get too short to pass for a dress. This means your child can wear this for many, many seasons! You can also put a long sleeved shirt underneath for the cooler months. Dresses are $25 without a monogram and $30 with a one letter or three letter monogram. I'm starting out with these two creations. Send me an email or go to my website to order.

Watermelon Dress - Pink Polka Dot with Green Accents
Pink Dots Dress

Simple White Dress - White Eyelet material with light pink accents
Eyelet Dress

I plan to make a Christmas version of the dress with Red Polka Dots and Green Accents so stay tuned...

Monogrammed Napkins - $4 each
These make great Christmas presents!
C Monogrammed Napkins

Also, go over to Another Online Mom and leave a comment for a chance to win one of my kid's shirts or a kitchen towel!

September 8, 2008


We had dinner with friends and their kids Sunday night.  Our friends, Megan and Tommy, have Rockband for the Wii.  None of us have ever played it or even seen it in action.  They pulled out all the instruments and even the microphone.  Karl was on guitar singing backup, Tommy was lead man with another guitar, Hunter had a third guitar, and Zach was tearin' it up on the drums.  So cute!

Playing Rockband with Karl and Tommy

Zach playing drums

I'm pretty happy with these 2 pictures I took of Erin and Karl's kids.

This is Kai and he's 9 months
Brown Eyes

This is Kaitlyn and she's almost 3
Kaitlyn Color

September 6, 2008

We're ready for some football!!

We're all sporting our FSU shirts today so we can cheer for our Seminoles in their first game tonight.

Start 'em young, raise 'em right! (Thanks Aunt Pat for stomaching the purchase of this shirt)
Start 'em young, raise 'em right

Go Noles!


Hunter is ready to do The Chop!

September 4, 2008

No more vacations...

Summer vacations are officially over for us.  Key West was a lot of fun!  The weather was actually good for the most part.  We had one day of constant rain as Hurricane Gustav passed us, but otherwise it was beautiful.  We took a lot of pictures.  I've never really just walked around and took pictures of things before.  Typically, I'm taking pictures of people.  This trip I walked the streets and just took pictures.  It was fun and I think I'll do it more often.  Between Lisa and I, I have just over 200 pictures from our 'good' (Canon Rebel) cameras.  Here is the link to Flickr to see them all, if you wish.  Click here.

Here we all are at the southern most point of the United States.  I have been to Key West at least 4 times and had never been to this spot.
All 6 of us

The girls at sunset at Mallory Square.  My niece, Ashton, was vacationing with her dad in the Keys so she came out one night to see us.

Here's me at work.  Thanks for taking this, Lis.
Me - the wanna be photographer