April 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to Uncle Ronnie!

Today is your birthday and we want you to know how special you are!
You're my favorite uncle,
but I think you're Hunter's favorite PERSON.
Here are a few pictures from the last couple years.

Peyton's first tractor ride with Hunter.  She looks unsure, but she loved it.

A special day watching the trains.

One of Hunter's favorite activities at your house.  It probably helps that a fish bites with every cast.  Good luck taking him real fishing.
Project 52 - Week 8

Peyton doesn't think you're half bad either :)

Teaching Hunter the art of fist bumps.  He taught you how to make it explode though.
Uncle Ronnie gets a bump

We hope you have a great day!

April 28, 2011

Embrace the Camera: April 28

A couple pictures from our day at Sea World a couple weekends ago.


Hunter's Easter picnic at school
Easter Picnic at school

And a family Easter pic

April 26, 2011


... you just want to sit in a bucket on the beach.

A Happy Birthday shout out to Grandma Powell, otherwise known as 'bah bah' to Peyton.
Glad we got to spend the day at the beach with you yesterday.
I have a feeling you're going to want a print of this picture.

April 25, 2011

Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookies

We love cookies in this house.  Heath and Hunter took on the task of making these which are a combo of our two favorite kinds.   Recipe found here.   I will warn you though.  They are super rich.  I couldn't eat a whole one.  Hunter couldn't even eat a whole one and that's unheard of!







I hope everyone had a happy Easter.  I've got lots of pictures to share....eventually.

April 22, 2011

just like brother

In the last week Peyton has been obsessed with wearing Hunter's things.  Hunter has never been one to dress up or to care what he's wearing so this is new to me.  He's never once wanted to go out in public wearing something ridiculous.  I have a feeling Peyton might be a bit more opinionated.

Here she's wearing his crocs.

She keeps stealing his pajama shorts out of the clean laundry pile and she manages to put them on.
I'm pretty impressed since she's only 19 months.  She likes 'em baggy I guess.

She came prancing out of his room in these yesterday.

She likes to wear his helmet and just sit on his big bike.
wants to do everything brother does

She's obviously quite observant.  She lifts up both lids of the toilet and stands to pee.  She apparently thinks it comes out of your belly button.  Cutest thing EVER.  It's probably time to get the little potty out.  We could be rid of diapers before you know it!

April 21, 2011

Embrace the Camera: April 21

This week is random.
This picture was taken one Saturday morning.
I just couldn't wake up.
I layed myself down on the floor and of course the kids had to join me.


Hunter and one of his favorite people riding the super fast lawn mower.


April 20, 2011


It's been a while since I've done any embroidery or sewing, but I finally broke the trend and made something.  It was teacher appreciation week at Hunter's school last week and one of the things the class did was give each teacher a gift card.  I decided to make something to put the gift card in.  I found these which are actually business card holders, but they work for gift cards, too.

Business Card/Gift Card holder


Then I decided I needed one for myself to hold my Everyday Moments Photography business cards....which I don't actually have yet, but they'll have a home when I do get them!


Lastly, I made some hair clips for Peyton.  She's a stinker and I've said before that the only thing she'll tolerate in her hair are these little banana clips.  She yanks these out also and we lose our fair share, but at least she keeps them in for a while and they don't break the bank when we lose one.  For Easter I wanted something other than a plain clip and knowing that she won't wear a bow embellishing a banana clip is my best chance for success.  So, covered button banana clips it is!  They literally take 2 minutes to make.  Cover a button and glue it on.  I think I'll be making a bunch more of these!  

April 19, 2011

Soccer Star

(I don't think anyone liked the crying baby being made to swim video so we're moving on.  Doesn't mean I won't post about it again tho!  This is the scrapbook of their lives afterall :o)

Another soccer season begins.  This is Hunter's third season of soccer and he continues to love it and improve.  This will be his last season with the 3/4 age group.  He'll move to the 5/6 next season.  We missed his first game because we were away last weekend, but Grandma cheered him on and he scored 2 goals.  This week he declared that he wanted to score 5 goals in the game.  He came away with 6.  Both his parents tend to be over achievers so I suppose he gets it honestly :o)  We're so happy he enjoys sports.  We're going to continue to stick with soccer as long as he's enjoying it.  This summer the YMCA is offering a soccer camp put on by British coaches so I think he'll be participating in that.

I did my best at taking pictures.  It's slightly challenging when you're trying to keep up with a wondering toddler.




This little girl in pink sunglasses gave him a run for his money.  She was pretty fast and scored her share of goals, too.

And there she is keeping up with him.

A little tap in goal.

April 18, 2011

Torture Lessons

It's Peyton's turn for swim lessons.  We choose to do the Safe Start program which is basically survival lessons.  They learn to swim to the wall and float when there is no wall or person to grab.  We go everyday for a 10 minute lesson for about 5 or 6 weeks.  At the end she will be able to do all her skills fully clothed.

These lessons are not for everyone.  Most kids, especially the younger ones, cry through the whole lesson.  Hunter was probably one of the worst.  He'd actually start crying when I'd put his bathing suit on at home.  Here's evidence from when he did lessons at this age.  Peyton's not nearly that dramaic...yet.  The crying personally doesn't bother me at all, but I know it bothers a lot of people.  

Here she is on the first day.  She had no clue what was about to happen.
She has no idea what she's in for.

The kid crying in the pool might have given her a clue.

By Day 5 she had learned to hold her breath, find the wall, and hang on.



WARNING: Crying baby in this video.