October 16, 2013

Our Everyday

I take a lot of pictures with my phone.  Now that phones have decent cameras it's the easiest way for me to document our every day life.

Heath's sister made this wreath for me.  She makes lots of cute stuff.  Here's her Facebook page - 
We're ready for FSU football! #FSU #GoNoles #doorwreath

#nerdglasses #pictapgo_app

Grandmas will pretty much do whatever you want. #pictapgo_app

We've been cheering on our Seminoles all season and are super anxious for the Clemson game this weekend!

Goooooo Seminoles!! #pictapgo_app #gameday #seminoles #fsu #gonoles #collegefootball

Here's a fun little comparison between Peyton and me at about the same age.

It's fun to compare my childhood pictures to ones of my kids at the same age. I'm pretty sure P makes that exact face, but I couldn't find a picture.

Hunter is killing it in soccer again this season.

Soccer season is in full swing again! Lots of hustle, 2 goals for Hunter, and a win today.  Hoping to watch Orlando City bring home the trophy tonight! ⚽ #pictapgo_app #orlandocitysoccer

He was totally spoiled for his birthday.
Happy Birthday to the boy that made me a mom 7 years ago! Round 1 gifts from us, grandma and grandpa, and Aunt Pat and Uncle Ronnie @chanpatron. He says thank you and loves them all! #birthdayboy

This card was a hit and had him busting a gut trying to read it.  Thanks for Daddy for the fart joke card!
I told Heath to get Hunter a funny card. I love that he can read his cards now. He could not read the inside he was laughing so hard. Mission accomplished! #fartjokes #boyslovefartjokes

We celebrated at school, too.  Hunter was so sweet letting Peyton join his class.
Birthday cupcakes at school. Peyton loved being a big kid and Hunter was so sweet to let her tag along.  #pictapgo_app

We celebrated at Aquatica with friends.
Fun day at Aquatica to celebrate Hunter's birthday. My version of a birthday party .  #pictapgo_app

Hunter finally lost that other tooth!
Better call the tooth fairy! @radivonyk, the picture of Zach without his top two made hunter feel better about pulling the second one so thank you!

Picture day for the big boys.  So handsome!
It's picture day... handsome boys! Here's 3 of the 5 crazies I take to school 3 days a week. Just call me the school bus! #reducingthecarlineby3cars #overcrowdedschool #loveourvillage @lillybrussow @lisa_lbphoto

Peyton has come out of her shell a bit.  She no longer has stage fright.  Seen here singing on stage during chapel.
I think there's hope that she'll participate in the Christmas program this year! This was today in chapel.

Robyn and I had a date to see Blue Man Group thanks to her parents for the free tickets.
Date night with @robju! #pictapgo_app #bluemangroup #momsnightout

This is about the only way I can get her to wear FSU gear.... put Hello Kitty on it.
Go Seminoles! I had to talk her into the the loopy piggy braids.... As usual with something new. I won tho  #pictapgo_app

Two cutie pie girls.
2 cutie pies  #pictapgo_app @robju

We had our Atlanta friends in town for a few nights recently.
Teen Beach Movie #pictapgo_app #sleepover @schally

Daddy and his girl. #pictapgo_app

Peyton tends to pass out on days when we don't have time for a nap. I find her with the light on snoozing away at 4pm.  Sweet baby girl.
I put her in her room for quiet time while Hunter did homework since it was a little late for a nap. She fell asleep with the light on.

And this is what she does during soccer practice.
At soccer practice. ⚽️ #pictapgo_app

Picture day for Peyton.

Picture Day. We even curled her hair. #girlygirl #pictapgo_app

Here is her school BFF.  They got to hang out at the birthday party recently.
With her school BFF at a classmate's birthday party today.  #pictapgo_app

October 15, 2013

Orlando City Soccer Championship Game

Did you know that Orlando has a professional soccer team?  Well, they do.  It's like the equivalent of minor league baseball.  Right now they're voting to get an MLS team.... which would be the equivalent to major league baseball.  So, that's exciting for our city.  Hunter's friend Leo and his dad have season tickets and go to all the soccer games.  We've gone to a couple.  Well, our team made it to the championship game AND it was hosted in Orlando.  It was a big deal.  We went with them.  It was an awesome turnout for the city and the boys had a blast.  Orlando won which made it even more exciting.  So, I think the boys will buy season tickets next year and go to more games.  We convinced Hunter to spray his hair purple.  Well, when you mix purple spray with white hair you get hot pink.  It's a good thing there wasn't a mirror!  It also didn't come all the way out of his hair and we went and got a haircut the next day.  Whoopsie!

Last one. It's game time! ⚽ #pictapgo_app #orlandocitysoccer

Go City!!!! ⚽#orlandocitysoccer @robju

Things are gettin' crazy! Photobomb courtesy of @robju.  #pictapgo_app #orlandocitysoccer @heathpowell

Go City!! Soccer game tailgating. ⚽

Don't tell Hunter his hair was pinkish. Blonde + purple = pinkish purple. #pictapgo_app

Boys wear purple, too. Go City! ⚽ #pictapgo_app

Winners!! Such a fun night! #pictapgo_app #orlandocitysoccer #gotthetrophyback ⚽ @heathpowell @robju

October 7, 2013

Peyton's 4th Birthday at Disney

We went to Magic Kingdom two days before Peyton's actual birthday.  It was a great day.... lots of cloud cover, short lines, and time with friends and Grandma.

Happy Birthday, Peyton! A surprise day at the happiest place on earth!  @heathpowell #pictapgo_app








Fun day! This is how I do birthday parties....ha. #pictapgo_app

October 4, 2013


Legoland sponsors an Orlando City Soccer game every now and then where your ticket gets you into Legoland.  We took advantage and went to a soccer game and Legoland all for $40.  Can't beat that.  Hunter has been to Legoland a few times with Dedi and Grandma, but the rest of us had never been.  In my opinion, it was just okay.  It's not worth paying their regular prices, that's for sure.  It was a fun, cheap day tho.
Last day of our Week O'Fun.  It's hot. #legoland #pictapgo_app