October 15, 2013

Orlando City Soccer Championship Game

Did you know that Orlando has a professional soccer team?  Well, they do.  It's like the equivalent of minor league baseball.  Right now they're voting to get an MLS team.... which would be the equivalent to major league baseball.  So, that's exciting for our city.  Hunter's friend Leo and his dad have season tickets and go to all the soccer games.  We've gone to a couple.  Well, our team made it to the championship game AND it was hosted in Orlando.  It was a big deal.  We went with them.  It was an awesome turnout for the city and the boys had a blast.  Orlando won which made it even more exciting.  So, I think the boys will buy season tickets next year and go to more games.  We convinced Hunter to spray his hair purple.  Well, when you mix purple spray with white hair you get hot pink.  It's a good thing there wasn't a mirror!  It also didn't come all the way out of his hair and we went and got a haircut the next day.  Whoopsie!

Last one. It's game time! ⚽ #pictapgo_app #orlandocitysoccer

Go City!!!! ⚽#orlandocitysoccer @robju

Things are gettin' crazy! Photobomb courtesy of @robju.  #pictapgo_app #orlandocitysoccer @heathpowell

Go City!! Soccer game tailgating. ⚽

Don't tell Hunter his hair was pinkish. Blonde + purple = pinkish purple. #pictapgo_app

Boys wear purple, too. Go City! ⚽ #pictapgo_app

Winners!! Such a fun night! #pictapgo_app #orlandocitysoccer #gotthetrophyback ⚽ @heathpowell @robju

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