May 31, 2012

Pool Time with the Pearsons

We always enjoy our time with the Pearsons.  The kids get a long so well and we all just have a great time.


I love pool jumping pictures.  They're always good for a laugh.  It's rare that the kids get the timing right when they're jumping together.




May 30, 2012

Soccer Wrap Up

Another season of soccer in the books.  This was Hunter's 4th season.  Next season he will move up to the next age group.  He's ready.  The adults are ready for a little more structure, too :)



This is how much Peyton enjoys the games :)







May 28, 2012


I haven't been blogging so I guess that means we've been busy.

Last weekend we went to Jax to visit my parents.  Heath had some projects to do and I scheduled a couple of photo shoots.  It was a busy weekend.

Soccer with Grandma and American Idol.  Yay, Philip Phillips!  So excited he won.
Indoor soccer with Grandma plus American Idol. #phillipphillips for the win!

This was project #1.  My mom had granite countertops installed before we came.  Heath put in the tile backsplash.  It all looks great together.
Mostly done #backsplash

Then he had a toilet to replace.  Not exactly a fun job.
final project - putting in a new toilet #awesomesoninlaw

Hunter, of course, got to go to Uncle Ronnie's.  This was the hug he gave as soon as we arrived.  I don't know if he hugs anyone else like that.
....all is right in the world...

Heath and I went on a little adventure after my beach family session.  We had to take the ferry to get where we needed to go.
Gettin on the ferry

Peyton enjoys playing with Grandma's 'stickers'.  They are usually old Christmas envelope sealers and address labels.

Sleeping babies are the sweetest.
headed home

We bought a few fireworks on the way home.  We went in with several neighbors on a group purchase.  4th of July should be fun!
We're ready for the 4th! Decided to take advantage of the early sales this year.

Hunter finished his group swim lessons.  He's ready to move to the next level of lessons.
wrapping up swim lessons

Heath and I celebrate our 9th anniversary.  We enjoyed a nice evening out and couldn't wait to go home, get comfy, and watch TV.  We are old!
anniversary dinner - happy 9 years!

This holiday weekend we (mostly Heath) did a ton of yard work.
car full of yard work....

The kids even helped haul tree branches to the driveway.

We're gearing up for the end of school for Hunter.  3 days this week and he's done.  So, lots of blogging of end of the year stuff to come!

May 22, 2012

Peyton Videos

And yes, she is sitting on the potty.  We're sooooo close!



May 17, 2012

I'm crafting again....

I was in a crafting funk for a while, but I'm out of it.

I've been wanting to make one of these for a while.  I made it for Deni's beach condo.  It's an 18x24 canvas.  I painted the edges first.  Then gathered scrapbook paper, ripped it into strips, and modge podged it onto the canvas.  Then I made use of my Silhouette cutter that I got for Christmas and made all the letters out of vinyl.  It was a labor of love and involved a lot of hours, but I love it and so did she.  I will be making a "Family Rules" version for our house next.

The final product. Finally gave it away to @denilou10 so now I can share :)

I've been seeing tons of cute bonnets being made for photo shoots.  With a little help on the dimensions I whipped up one and that quickly led to two more.  I'll be trying one out on a little newborn this weekend. I'm addicted and will definitely be making more!

May 16, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

My Mother's Day was lovely.  I slept in and took a shower with no interruptions.  When I came out of my room I was greeted with my favorite coffee and breakfast.  I was ordered to not do ANYTHING all day :)  We hosted a pool party for the family so we spent most of the day by the pool.  After naps/rest time we got dressed and went out to dinner.





It was nice to have the cousins around to water gun fight with Hunter.  I'm not a big water gun fighter :)

We had a serious Connect Four tournament.  I've been hearing all about how Ethan (age 10) is consistently beating everyone in this game.  There were 8 of us playing and it ended up coming down to me and Ethan for the win.  Aaaaaaand he beat me.  Fair and square.  The kid is good.




May 15, 2012

Special Moments

I love when I can catch these types of moments on film.



{Hunter reading to her in her bed after her nap}


May 13, 2012

Muffins With Mom

I always look forward to Muffins with Mom day at school with Hunter.  The kids are always so excited to have their moms in the classroom.




These fill in the blank sheets are always fun to read.  I got the biggest kick out of "My mother loves to TALK".
Muffins with Mom today

We were 'surprised' with bracelets the kids made for us.  The week prior to this event Hunter said to me at home, "Mommy, I did not make you a bracelet.  I promise you, I did not."  Um, okay honey :)
my gift that Hunter made

And he brought home this cookie he decorated.
another Mother's Day surprise from Hunter