May 4, 2012

Friday Insta-Randoms

The frames to the left and right of the french doors have been hanging on the wall without pictures in them.  I finally had some printed.  They're big 16x20 prints.  I love them so much!
Finally got prints for my 16x20 #willowtreeframes

Hunter is doing some group swim lessons at the Y this month.  Working on some actual swim strokes.
swim lessons tonight

Peyton is 4 lessons away from being done with her torture lessons.  She's doing awesome, but is full of complaints.  Words you'll hear her say during her lesson are "GET OUT", "hold you", "I did it, Mommy", and "I want a sticker".

Baby will learn to float, too.
I think she's subjecting baby to swim lessons.... #safestart style

These are in my fridge right now.
In my fridge...

My favorite nerds.
nerds :)

Peyton and I got dressed up for a girls date with Robyn and Iris while all of our boys went to a professional soccer game.
Ready for our date with @robju and Iris while the boys go to a professional soccer game.

hop scotchin'
hop scotch

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Anonymous said...

I so enjoy all these pictures. I usually look at your blog first thing when I get to the office and it makes my day. I love the hop scotch pose. Grandma P