March 21, 2012


I'm slacking on the pictures lately, but I've got lots of Instagram pictures!

I think this documents the last day any kind of jacket will be worn.  
She looks like she's getting ready to workout.

My laundry room got a little face lift.  I've been needing some storage in there and the plan was for Heath to build some shelving.  Well, he just doesn't have the time so this storage piece was the perfect substitute.  I love organization!
new laundry room storage! This mama is happy!

Life's rough.....

Getting ready for Easter with some cute accessories.
Easter accessories for the kids.

Hunter came home from school just before St. Patrick's Day all excited because they tried to catch a leprechaun at school.  The leprechaun ransacked the classroom, left green footprints, and peed green in the toilet, but they never caught him.  Hunter was determined to catch him so he talked Daddy into creating a trap.  He put gold coins and Lucky Charms inside to entice him.  The next morning he woke up and the leprechaun had busted out of the top of the trap!  
The leprechaun trap Hunter insisted on making since they couldn't catch him at school. He's enticing him with gold coins and Lucky Charns.

This girls can milk a boo-boo.
pretty girl

Soccer is going well.  I'll be sure to take some real pictures next game.
Gooooooo Sharks!!

Heath took me to check out the piece of property his aunt and uncle bought.  Tom was having fun working the tractor.
Checking out Flamingo Ranch

I got a fresh cut and highlights.  I'm ready for this warm weather!
fresh cut and highlights, it's summer weather! Thanks @theaboufam!!

March 14, 2012


The maturity gap between these two is getting smaller and smaller.  They are really starting to enjoy each other. Of course, they still push each other's buttons, but there is less and less of that as Peyton gets older.  Hunter wants to be the first to walk into her room and greet her in the morning or after her nap.  He's a big cheerleader for her in getting her potty trained and she always wants to make sure Hunter knows she went on the potty.  She wants his praise and acceptance and he so sweet to give it.




March 13, 2012

Donuts with Dad

I'm so thankful that Heath has a job where he's able to participate in parent involved events at school.  It's really important to him so he is always sure to be there for Hunter.  Every year they have 'Donuts with Dad' one morning at school.  Everyone is asked to wear their favorite sports team shirt.  The kids make cute dad gifts and sing a song.

The Dads were asked to find their seats in front of the questionnaire their child filled out about them. Everyone's questionnaire had the Dad's name as the answer to the first question.....except for Heath's.  I guess I should start using Heath's actual name on occasion.  I laughed pretty hard when I first saw this.




March 12, 2012

A Day with Mickey

We all played hooky last Monday and spent the day at Disney.  We had some passes to use and were hoping to go before the Spring Break crowds and before it gets really hot.  We lucked out with a beautiful day, but it was a bit busy.  We managed to not wait more than 20 minutes for anything and stayed for the electrical parade.  It ended up being a 10 hour day, but it was a great family day.  Both of the kids did so well and we really made the most out of our day.

Ready for a day with Mickey!

in awe

She may not be that happy after Pirates of the Caribbean




She liked the idea of the characters, but she did not like them up close and personal.


March 10, 2012


Hunter is killing it in soccer this season.  This is his 4th season playing.  He loves it and I love that.  Today was the second game of the season.  Here is probably his best goal to date.

(To see it bigger go here.)

March 9, 2012

New Toys

Hunter got one of these Razor bikes.  It has castor wheels on the back so they can spin around.  It's like a modern day Big Wheel.  One of the neighborhood boys got one, too.  So, there are two for our street full of kids to share.




March 6, 2012

you never know what you're going to get



If she's not happy with you you're going to know about it.

March 4, 2012

Crazy Hair Day

Last week was Dr. Seuss week at school.  One day was Crazy Hair Day.  Hunter is pretty conservative, but he was all about putting a color in his hair.  I tried spiking his whole head up and that sent him into tears.  I then suggested a mohawk.  He didn't go for it until I mentioned one of his classmate's normal hairstyle is a mohawk.  That made it okay.  And then he loved it and even asked me to do the mohawk for school the next day :)





March 1, 2012


Oh, this girl.  How I love her so.
We're (read: I) starting to get serious about potty training.  She is totally ready.  We can talk about it all day and night.  But for some reason she just doesn't want to physically sit on the potty.  She's done it a hand full of times.  She'll wear underwear with no problem.  So, I'm not forcing the issue, but at the same time I KNOW she can do it.  It'll HER time, I suppose :)