February 28, 2010

A little obsessed

I've been looking for some cowboy boots for Hunter for a while now. I wasn't willing to pay over $20 for them so I just kept looking. In Walmart the other night I found some Toy Story boots on clearance for $9. They were 2 sizes too big which is perfect. They'll last for a while! I really didn't know if Hunter would like them or not. He LOVES them. Wears them constantly. The only rule is that he can't wear them to school and thankfully he's okay with that.

February 27, 2010

SIX Months

Peyton turned 6 months yesterday. I can't believe we're halfway to her first birthday! This is one of my favorite ages. She's such a happy girl. Always smiling and cracking up at something. She's got the most gorgeous blue eyes. Her little personality is coming out and she's just so much fun to have around. We're working on the skill of sitting up right now. I thinks she's still a couple weeks from mastering it though. No teeth yet which is fine by me since I'm still nursing. It's time to break out the baby food though. I've tried cereal a couple times and she hates it so I'm not real sure how this whole food thing is going to go.

Trying to make a run for it!

DC Trip - Part 3 - Bonding with Peyton

One of the best things about this trip was that Heath got to do some bonding with Peyton. He really doesn't get much, if any, time with her one on one because Hunter is always around. They were able to get to know each other a little better over the course of this trip.

We decided not to take Hunter on this trip because we were visiting friends that don't have kids and he would have been pretty bored. He would have liked the snow, but I guarantee he had a much better time staying with Grandma, Dedi, and his cousins.

LOVE this

Can't tell he likes her, can ya?
Ready for the party!

February 24, 2010

DC Trip - Part 2 - An Amazing Meal

John cooked an awesome meal Saturday night. He's quite a cook. We got to visit with some other friends that live in the area and just stay inside and hang out. It was perfect.

I don't know what this shrimp appetizer is called, but it was yummy.
Seasoning the meat to make pot roast
Peeling and cutting potatoes for mashers

Homemade Mac & Cheese
Making the Chocolate Mousse

February 22, 2010

DC Trip - Part 1 - SNOW

I'll have to do my DC recap in parts. There are a lot of pictures and that way I'll have days worth of blog material...HA! I'll start with the snow pictures. We had every intention of going sledding, but when Saturday came we decided to avoid the hassle of driving outside the city hoping to find a place plus it was warming up and the snow was melting and getting slushy. Instead, we drove over to the Capitol where there was still a lot of pretty snow just so we could get some pictures.

They were hauling snow by the dump truck load out of the city all over the place.
Lisa & John

"I'll eat your nose!"

A given

Adorable bomber vest courtesy of Lisa
Love this one
The extent of our sledding

February 16, 2010

Cute pictures from the last few days

Picture taking was light while most of my house was sick. I'm happy to report everyone is doing much better. And just in time for our rescheduled trip to Washington D.C. We're taking Peyton with us and Hunter will stay home and spend time with various family members. Even though we're tired of the cold weather (It's not supposed to be this cold for this long in Florida!) we're excited that we will see some snow and maybe even go sledding! So, here are a few pictures from the last few days to hold you over until we get back from our trip.

On Valentine's Day we went out to lunch and then bowling. It was too late for Hunter to take a nap when we got home so I put him in his room for an hour of quiet time. I realized it was awfully quiet in there so I opened the door and found him like this. Lights on and everything! I guess bowling took it out of him!
She'd had enough of the jumping
Cute little grin

She's got gymnast genes!
Testing out her hat for our trip!

February 14, 2010

Make Your Own Silhouette

I've seen these before and thought they were the cutest thing. Never thought I could make my own. My friend posted a tutorial on her blog recently and it's so easy! (Thanks, Emily!) The hardest part is getting a good profile picture. I love the way they turned out. I never realized Peyton had such a flat forehead. Love her little double chin. They'll be a great addition to our living room walls.

February 7, 2010

The result of spending so much time in the house lately....

For the last 2 weeks we've been battling sickness in my house. First it was pink eye for both kids. Next I got a cold that has lasted for over a week now. Next Hunter had an ear infection, fever, and wheezing issues. He's still pretty sick and we'll probably be back at the doctor in the morning. So, because of all that we've pretty much been couped up in the house for way too many days. As a result I've been able to browse some crafty blogs and find some cute things to make! I don't know why I didn't know about these crafty blogs before. There are so many easy online tutorials out there. I've been having lots of fun!

First I saw this tutorial for yo-yo's. You can put them on anything and I thought they'd be cute on these headbands I have for Peyton. I do love the big obnoxious flower on the headband, but I love these cute little things, too. And all it takes is a little scrap of material. I have LOTS of that!

Then I saw an idea for this tag toy. (And now I don't know where I saw it so I can link it.) Peyton loves to chew on things and I like the idea of this being a toy and not a blanket. Inside you put something that makes noise so that it crinkles. I put two layers of cellophane inside.

The Evolution of My Craft Room

This was my first set-up. Everything piled on top of a folding table. Very pitiful.
Here is Stage 2. We put in cabinets and a counter top. That helped tremendously, but you can see I still have stuff piled everywhere taking up most of my counter space.
Here is the inspiration for Stage 3. I wanted something to put up on the wall so I could get a lot of stuff up off the counter tops. My goal here is to start scrapbooking again. My kids need baby books!
And here is what I dreamed up and Heath created! It's a monster! I think he did much better than Pottery Barn and it was certainly A LOT cheaper. I have a cork board, dry erase board, picture board, lots of buckets and shelving, and some hooks.

And here it is all filled up with stuff.

There might be a small Stage 4 because I still have a bunch of stuff on the counter top, BUT I have freed up a good amount of space for now. It's definitely a HUGE improvement.