February 27, 2010

SIX Months

Peyton turned 6 months yesterday. I can't believe we're halfway to her first birthday! This is one of my favorite ages. She's such a happy girl. Always smiling and cracking up at something. She's got the most gorgeous blue eyes. Her little personality is coming out and she's just so much fun to have around. We're working on the skill of sitting up right now. I thinks she's still a couple weeks from mastering it though. No teeth yet which is fine by me since I'm still nursing. It's time to break out the baby food though. I've tried cereal a couple times and she hates it so I'm not real sure how this whole food thing is going to go.

Trying to make a run for it!

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Kristin said...

She is precious and such a happy girl! So glad we got to see her on her six-month birthday. Thank you again for having us. It is always good to see the Powells!