March 31, 2009


My mom has been wanting an updated portrait of my sister, Margie.  While I was home over the weekend we had a little photo shoot.  After waiting and waiting for the perfect light outside we finally got some useable shots.  Margie is the worst blinker.  I wasn't even using a flash and I'd catch her mid-blink.  I finally got smart and started firing shots as fast as possible.  There was no way she could blink as fast as I could snap!

Hunter even posed for a picture

March 25, 2009

Splash Park Fun

We went to our first splash park of the year yesterday.  Last year Hunter wanted no part of them so I was happy to see him have fun and get a little wet yesterday.

Kai, Kaitlyn, and Hunter

Kids will always find a puddle to splash in!
Miss K

March 23, 2009

Canvas Prints

I've been wanting to order some canvas prints for a while now.  They're just so expensive.  Had I known how much I'd love them I would have done it a long time ago! has a promotion running right now so I finally bit the bullet and ordered the prints.  Normally, one good sized print will run you $80-$100 or so.  I got these two for $100 including shipping. I'll definitely be ordering again!

This is a forever picture in my house.  Hunter had just turned two.  I'll do the same with the next baby around the same age and I'll have one of each of them to display together.  This is a 16x20 with a 2 inch wrap.  I really love the 2 inch wrap.

This is an 11x14 with a one inch wrap.  Not quite as impressive as the other one.  I have this up in Hunter's bathroom.

March 17, 2009

Animal Kingdom

My awesome neighbor invited us to Animal Kingdom last Friday.  It's the only park we haven't been to so I was excited to see some new things.  And Hunter loves animals so I knew he'd like it.  We had perfect weather and the boys behaved well all day.

A group picture before we got going
Too cute
We put the boys in a double stroller which made things a little easier
On the safari ride where we saw lots of animals
We even stayed for the 3:45 parade.  The boys loved it.

March 9, 2009

Just some recent Written In Thread stuff

Just want to share a couple things I mailed out this week.  More to come.  I have a list of stuff to do yet!

I made these shirts for a friend who is expecting baby #3.  She'll get one for the baby, too, once she knows what it is.  I give her all the credit for the idea.  I think Hunter needs one now, too!
I made this for a friend to give as a gift at a baby shower.

March 7, 2009

Bye, Bye Crib!

Today was the big day.  We took down Hunter's crib and put in a twin bed.  The bed actually has a trundle that goes underneath, but it needed more paint so it's not in there yet.  I found a quilt with all the colors already in his room so everything is still the same in that respect.  All the walls are completely bare of decor right now.  We completely rearranged the room so all the wall stuff had to come down and will need to be put back up in different places.  Another project for another day.  

Nap time didn't go as bad as I expected.  He did want me to lay with him.  I finally snuck out after he fell asleep.  Bedtime went perfectly.  He layed down and went to sleep.  Never got out of bed once so hopefully that continues.  It's the end of an era! He's not a baby anymore.  Now I just need to get him potty trained before the baby gets here..... so then I can do all of this over again!

March 4, 2009

Random pictures from the last few days

Playing at Kaitlyn and Kai's house
bath tub fun
We saw his favorite band play on Saturday.  Hunter went all the way up to the front to dance.  He's in the red shirt.
Here he is doing one of the hand motions that go with a song