March 14, 2013

Maya Ashton

I just realized that I never shared these pictures here.  My oldest nephew and his wife welcomed their first baby, a girl, on New Year's Day.  I was blessed to be able to document her birth (a first for me!) as well as take some newborn photos.  She's an angel!

March 6, 2013

What we've been up to...

Hunter is branching out in the hair department.  
Today's requested hair style.

my littlest valentine

Surprised Hunter at school and came for lunch.
lunch with my boy

Peyton really impressed me by putting this puzzle together on her own.  The pieces don't exactly go together like a normal puzzle.
She did this 100% by herself. @vhodgerson @iamcoryho @heathpowell

Hunter wrote this for a project at school.  I saw it hanging in the hallway.
How sweet is that!?

Peyton LOVES dogs... small ones.  This is Aunt Tiff's dog... just her size!
She would love a dog. #notgonnahappen

I joined Hunter and 10 classes of Kindergarteners on a field trip to the zoo.  I was sick with head cold.  Great day :)
To the zoo with a billion kindergarteners!  Girls weekend starts at 4pm. I timed that perfectly!

I timed a girls weekend just perfectly.  I was immediately off to the beach after getting home from the zoo.
First beach day of the year... In February! And it's hot! #girlsweekend @gina0012 @robju @elizabeth_wenzel @radivonyk

I've been busy making cute newborn props out of old sweaters.
making little britches today #newbornprops #newbornphotography #upcycled #everydaymomentsphotography

Daddy made this for Silly Hat Day
Silly Hat Day in honor of Dr. Suess week. @heathpowell gets credit for the hat design.

And Silly Sock Day
crazy sock day

Hunter's school had a big carnival.  Hunter had 3 shots at the dunk tank and landed two of them.  In she goes!
down she goes! School Carnival

Soccer has started again and we finally have a good coach and team.  They won the first game 14-0 and Hunter had 7 goals.
He killed it in the first game... 7 goals! ⚽ We're excited to have a good coach and team this season.

We finally put up Peyton's big bed.  She loves it.  My mom made the quilt.  We bought extra material back when she made the nursery bedding so that there would be enough to make a quilt.  Yay for not having to redo her room!
Finally got her big bed up. Quilt made by my mom. #girlroom