June 12, 2013

Little Surfer!

At age 6 Hunter has learned to surf.  It's good he has two older cousins who have board and were excited to teach him. He was a little apprehensive, but I talked him into just going out in a few inches of water to try to balance on the board.  That lasted less than 5 minutes and they were off catching waves.  Aaron gets the official title of teaching him to surf, but Ashton came the very next day and they did it again.  The video and pictures below are from his third time surfing when I actually got some pictures.

@ashtonelizabeth24 #littlesurfer #nsb This happened again today. I think we have a 'lil surfer dude on our hands. Many thanks to @ashtonelizabeth24 for hauling the board just for Hunter! #littlesurfer #nsb

June 6, 2013

School's out for summer!

My kids were blessed with wonderful teachers this year.  I knew that Peyton's teacher would be awesome when I registered her, but Hunter's teacher was pretty much a crap shoot since there are TEN Kindergarten classes at his school and I didn't know much about any of the teachers.  He was blessed with a caring, loving, thoughtful, and creative teacher whom I now call my friend.

So thankful for an amazing teacher. #pictapgo_app

I love doing these first day/last day comparison pictures.  You can always see the maturity in them.  I would say Peyton has definitely grown in confidence this year.  It's hard to believe she'll be in VPK in a few months.

Hunter had an awards ceremony and he got awards for Creative Writer from his teach and Computer Guru from his computer teacher.


We had lunch with him the last day of school.
We had lunch with the now First Grader today. @heathpowell
Hunter's teacher gave me a thoughtful gift (on the left) as a thank you for being Room Mom this year.  She had cookies made for all the kids to take home on the last day.
Such a thoughtful teacher! A sweet gift for me for being Room Mom and cute, yummy cookies for the kids. @ashleymk14 @kimhazlett #cookiecuttercreations #tervistumbler
We gave Hunter a "graduation gift".  We always want him to want to do his best in school and know how proud we are of him.  He's learned so much this year.  He was barely reading when the year started and now he's reading on an end of first grade level!  His gifts are a trip to Dave & Busters and some Lacrosse sticks for the beach.
Graduation presents and a pic with his amazing teacher. @ashleymk14
Look how much he's changed!  I don't know how it's possible that he get more handsome!

Excuse Peyton's attire. She's a mess!

June 2, 2013


Heath and I celebrated 10 years of marriage on May 24.  That's just crazy to both of us.  Didn't we just get married yesterday?!  I can't imagine anyone else I'd rather do life with than him.  We took a trip to Chicago to celebrate.  We visited with his cousin and saw a lot of the city.  It was a great trip and the weather was pretty much perfect for us.

We made it to Chi- town!

Day 1 we saw a Cubs game.  It was actually a bit chilly and windy that day.  Heath was not at all prepared.

Game time! #pictapgo_app #cubsgame #chicago #chicagocubs

Scalped some good seats! #pictapgo_app #chicago #chicagocubs #wrigleyfield #panoramic
Sayer was an awesome tour guide :)
@sayer_d has been showing us around #chicago

We had THE BEST pizza at Gino's.
Delicious. #pictapgo_app #chicagopizza

This place was amazing, too.  Awesome taco, fried cheese curds, and peach wheat beer.  YUM.
So Yum. Best tacos and cheese curds. And that peach wheat beer was amazing. @antiquetaco
Day 2 we checked out The Bean.  It's pretty cool.


This one is so freaky.  Everyone is like little ants.  This is from underneath looking up.


We also took a boat tour of the river and lake and leaned a lot about the history of the city and a lot of the buildings.

Boat tour #chicago




We made dinner reservations at a steak house to celebrate 10 years.
10 years with @heathpowell! Cheers to us! #happyanniversary

Our last day we did a lot of walking and ended up at the Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower).

I went out on the glass ledge.  It's high!