June 12, 2013

Little Surfer!

At age 6 Hunter has learned to surf.  It's good he has two older cousins who have board and were excited to teach him. He was a little apprehensive, but I talked him into just going out in a few inches of water to try to balance on the board.  That lasted less than 5 minutes and they were off catching waves.  Aaron gets the official title of teaching him to surf, but Ashton came the very next day and they did it again.  The video and pictures below are from his third time surfing when I actually got some pictures.

@ashtonelizabeth24 #littlesurfer #nsb This happened again today. I think we have a 'lil surfer dude on our hands. Many thanks to @ashtonelizabeth24 for hauling the board just for Hunter! #littlesurfer #nsb

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