September 30, 2010

Hunter's 4th Birthday Party

This 4th birthday was celebrated over and over!  First, with family in Jax.  Second, as a family at Chuck E. Cheese on his birthday.  Third, with friends at school.  And then a bowling, golf, arcade party!

We had the party at Boardwalk Bowl.  The kids bowled 2 games (well, we didn't finish the second game).  Then they played cosmic mini golf which was super cool.  Then they played a few arcade games.  It was nonstop fun!

The requested SPIDERMAN cake
The requested Spiderman Cake

Party favors for the kids
4th Birthday Party Favors




We missed the final birthday celebration with Heath's mom and sister's family last night because Hunter had a stomach bug.  I'm happy to report it was a short lived bug and he's back to normal already.  He's home from school today just to be safe and not spread any lingering germs around.

September 28, 2010

The Giant Tooth

3 teeth

Don't teeth usually come in pairs?  At least the bottom two and top two, right?  Peyton got her bottom two teeth and about a month ago one of the top ones.  That top one is halfway in and it's all alone and it seems big up there all by itself!  The big one next to it is close, but the little one on the other side of it will probably be next.  That might be even funnier!

September 27, 2010

We love Grandma!

She loves her grandbabies and we love her, too!

Love this



September 23, 2010

Snack Baggie

Hunter takes a snack to school each day and they want it to be put in a plastic baggie with his name on it.  Last year his teacher sent the empty baggies back home each day so they could be reused, but this year that's not happening.  So, in an effort to save some money and save the earth I decided to make my own little Snack Baggies.  They better not get thrown away!

I've been meaning to make some of these for a long time now, but just hadn't looked up a tutorial on how to make them.  (There are so many things I see and want to make.  I need more time!) Emily posted a tutorial on them the other day so that gave me the motivation to make a couple.  Here they are!

Snack Baggie


Embrace the Camera: September 23

It's all about ME this week.  Here's a little glimpse into our vacation....

I could do this everyday

Be very afraid


September 22, 2010

The next Price Is Right model?

Peyton was having fun with this pizza box at Grandma's house.  She totally looks like she's modeling it on the Price Is Right.

The newest DiGiorno pizza model


Her hair is a mess in those photos above, but we can do a little ponytail now!  I'm so happy she doesn't yank it out like she does the bows and headbands.
Pony Tail!

September 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Boys!

We're finally home and getting back into a routine.  I have a looooong list of things to do this week and I'll eventually get around to sharing pictures of our cruise, but you might just have to be patient.  We got back Sunday which was Heath's birthday and the following day was Hunter's birthday.  We drove a couple hours to where the kids were after we got off the ship.  We had some cake and sang to the birthday boys.  Monday we drove home and Hunter got to eat pizza and play games at Chuck E Cheese, something he's been asking for forever.  Today they celebrated his birthday at school.  This weekend he'll have a bowling party with a few of his little friends.  I guess it's a birthday WEEK for him!

Hunter's 4th birthday and Daddy's 34th birthday


September 8, 2010

Improving My Sewing Skills

I learned about an online sewing class recently.  It sounded awesome.  The cost is $60.  It gives you access to all kinds of information and tutorials.  Basically, the class consists of 26 projects and each project teaches you a new skill.  You have access to all of this information for a year so you just go at your own pace. (If you're interested there is a button on the right side of the blog.)  I know some sewing basics, but I'm far from a pro.  My mom could teach me everything I need to know, but distance makes that difficult.  So, this is perfect for me!  I was very eager at first and completed three projects with the motivation of giving them as a gifts.  Lisa had given me a bunch of navy polka dot fabric to match her wedding colors so I put it to good use and made her a few things.

I learned how to do a zipper and made this cute little pouch.

Cute little polka dots inside.
Zippered Pouch

A birdie bag!  How cute is that?  Lisa and John have a thing with birdies so this fits.
Birdie Bag

Learned how to do a draw string in this one.  This will be the bride's bridal emergency bag.
Gift Bag

I filled it with these cute luggage tags.  One for each girl attending the bachelorette weekend.
Luggage Tag Favors

And also made a birdie shirt for the bride.
Birdie Shirt

September 7, 2010

Lisa's Bachelorette Weekend

My weekend away was spent at the beach in Deleware with 12 pretty amazing girls.  Prior to the weekend I knew or had met just 4 of them.  Today, I have a few more Facebook friends :o)  This weekend was to celebrate Lisa before her big wedding in just a few weeks.  I flew 2 hours to DC then drove 4 hours with a couple of girls to get to our final destination.  A big house was rented just a few houses down from the beach.  It had an awesome porch where we spent many hours and plenty of room for all us.  Besides one night we stayed at the house or sat on the beach.  Hurricane Earl left behind some BIG waves and PERFECT weather.

The Bachelorette
The Bachelorette

Personalized cups for everyone
Kristen made everyone their own cup!

This is Lisa's 'imaginary friend' group.  That's what we've been named since we met on the internet 7 years ago!  Other groups include sisters, college friends, and before birth friends.  I think we have the best group name :o)
Imaginary Friends

All dolled up and ready to go out

I'll share some of the homemade gifts I made in another post.

Heath and the kids survived just fine as I knew they would.  It was so nice to get away!  Thank you, babe!

September 3, 2010

A getaway for mommy...

I'm leaving on a jet plane this morning for a whirlwind trip up north to the beach (Go figure, I have the beach right here!) to celebrate my dear friend, Lisa.  She's getting married in just a few weeks so this is her bachelorette party.  Daddy has kid duty for a little over 48 hours.  I know they'll be just fine!


September 1, 2010

Jack Johnson

We were blessed with a (group) date night last week (Thank you Grandma and Sayer!).  We went to see Jack Johnson in concert with a bunch of out of town friends.  We went downtown early for some food and drinks and then over to the arena for the concert.  It was a fun night!