May 30, 2013

A Day at Disney

As part of Peyton's Christmas present she was going to take Peyton to Disney for a day.  We ended up making it a family trip.  It was a perfect day.
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Peyton still isn't too sure about the characters in costume.MagicKingdom-4






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But she loooooves the princesses!  No surprise there.





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Done for the day! 10.5 hours was our limit. Feet hurt. #disney

May 27, 2013

Jonathon's 5th Birthday

Looking back, I don't think I shared this entry I wrote on my photography website.
 Click here to read it if you haven't already.  This post will make more sense if you've read that one.  If their story intrigues you, follow them at their Facebook page - The Hodgerson 5 .

We made a quick trip up to Jax a while back so that we could attend Jonathon's 5th birthday party.... his first ever birthday party.  It was at a gymnastics place and I knew my kids would love it....and they did.

Hunter with the birthday boy

Peyton was all about it since she already goes to gymnastics class.


Brooklyn continues to get all the attention :)

Julian is a daredevil and always going at full speed.



JonathonBday5-47 copy

Best photo of the weekend.  I adore it.

May 22, 2013

Soccer - Spring 2013 - Maroon Jaguars

Hunter had a pretty dominant team this season.  A team full of boys!  They won all but one game (even though we aren't supposed to keep track).  I think we've decided to keep him in this age group for one more season before moving up.






Another soccer season in the books! ⚽ #pictapgo_app

May 16, 2013


We went to a birthday part at one of those trampoline places.  I've never taken the kids because I hear it's just too dangers for them.  The party was in the morning and we were pretty much the only ones there.  The kids had a great time and so did the parents.  I can see how it would stress me out if there were a bunch of teenagers there though.








May 15, 2013

Dena as a gymnast - Circa 1992

A lot of people have requested to see this video over the years.  It's me at my last gymnastics competition.  It was a national competition in Las Vegas.  I was 12.  This is my floor routine.  I scored a 9.3 and placed 10th out of about 200.  It was the highlight of my little gymnastics career.

May 14, 2013

What we've been up to....

I know I'm slacking on blogging, but life has been getting in the way.  I had computer issues for 2 weeks, I painted my photography studio space, it was Teacher Appreciation Week for Hunter and I'm the room mom, Peyton has been in swim lessons every night the past 2 weeks, and we're about to go on a mini vacation to celebrate our anniversary.  So, here are some phone pictures to tide you over.

Hunter begged me to take him to Skate Night for school.  The first and last time he skated was over a year ago at a birthday party.  It went so great we never went back.  He did MUCH better this time, but it was still hilarious.  I need to put some video off of my phone.
Hunter and his favorite school friend at Skate Night. He did awesome! There's a video on Vine if you're on there.

We took the kids out to Deland so Daddy (and Hunter) could shoot.
blowin' stuff up

Peyton and I had fun riding the 4 wheels around the property and checking out the old tractors.
Flamingo Ranch @denilou10

Here's the new studio color.  It's been red for 10 years.  I'll take better pictures once it's decorated.
The studio waiting area got new paint this weekend. Now, just need @heathpowell to frame out the windows and hang some pictures! #everydaymomentsphotography
Peyton is somewhat enjoying swim lessons this year.  I'm shocked!

She did so good today! #safestart #ISR
This made me laugh.....
#funny #truth #siblings

Another soccer season in the books!  Their team only lost 1 game!
Another soccer season in the books! ⚽ #pictapgo_app Gooooooal!!! #PicTapGo #soccer #hustle
We spent Mother's Day weekend at the beach.  The weather was perfect and it was exactly where I wanted to be.
Spent the day at the beach... one of my most favorite things. #nsb #beachfamily #mothersday

Sweet Maya came to see us for her first official beach day.
Oh my cuteness!!!! @sunnie_rice #beachbaby #nsb Love her.  @sunnie_rice #beachbaby #nsb #babytoes #toesinthesand
And Ashton came one day, too.  My kids love her.
Loved seeing @ashtonelizabeth24 today! #nsb Fun day at the beach! #nsb #pictapgo_app #beachkids #funinthesun

Still workin' the bucket. Probably the last year she'll fit.  #pictapgo_app #beach #beachgirl #nsb