September 7, 2010

Lisa's Bachelorette Weekend

My weekend away was spent at the beach in Deleware with 12 pretty amazing girls.  Prior to the weekend I knew or had met just 4 of them.  Today, I have a few more Facebook friends :o)  This weekend was to celebrate Lisa before her big wedding in just a few weeks.  I flew 2 hours to DC then drove 4 hours with a couple of girls to get to our final destination.  A big house was rented just a few houses down from the beach.  It had an awesome porch where we spent many hours and plenty of room for all us.  Besides one night we stayed at the house or sat on the beach.  Hurricane Earl left behind some BIG waves and PERFECT weather.

The Bachelorette
The Bachelorette

Personalized cups for everyone
Kristen made everyone their own cup!

This is Lisa's 'imaginary friend' group.  That's what we've been named since we met on the internet 7 years ago!  Other groups include sisters, college friends, and before birth friends.  I think we have the best group name :o)
Imaginary Friends

All dolled up and ready to go out

I'll share some of the homemade gifts I made in another post.

Heath and the kids survived just fine as I knew they would.  It was so nice to get away!  Thank you, babe!


The Bonjour Four said...

looks like a great getaway! and now you are headed for a cruise?! you lucky woman!

Pam said...

So glad you had a terrific time and Earl didn't ruin it.