March 7, 2009

Bye, Bye Crib!

Today was the big day.  We took down Hunter's crib and put in a twin bed.  The bed actually has a trundle that goes underneath, but it needed more paint so it's not in there yet.  I found a quilt with all the colors already in his room so everything is still the same in that respect.  All the walls are completely bare of decor right now.  We completely rearranged the room so all the wall stuff had to come down and will need to be put back up in different places.  Another project for another day.  

Nap time didn't go as bad as I expected.  He did want me to lay with him.  I finally snuck out after he fell asleep.  Bedtime went perfectly.  He layed down and went to sleep.  Never got out of bed once so hopefully that continues.  It's the end of an era! He's not a baby anymore.  Now I just need to get him potty trained before the baby gets here..... so then I can do all of this over again!


Anonymous said...

Oh my...our sweet boy is growing up. With his disposition, I doubt if you'll have too much "getting" out of bed with him. I think he loves his sleep. Maybe at nap time but not at night. Your get to do this all over again but what a joy they bring to our lives. Lova ya Grandma P

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

my my, what a big boy!!! the room looks great!

radivonyk said...

Welcome to the "big boy" club Hunter! Love, Zach

What an exciting new step! He is getting so big! Potty training is scary, but you two will probably breeze through that as well! :) Good job on taking this big step, I know it is somewhat of a sigh of relief to know it has gone well so far.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Hunter will be the best big brother ever and will set a good exampl for his sibling or maybe....siblings ( oh boy!!!) I just think Hunter is the perfect example of how a "youngin" should be. I just love the little guy!!!