February 7, 2010

The Evolution of My Craft Room

This was my first set-up. Everything piled on top of a folding table. Very pitiful.
Here is Stage 2. We put in cabinets and a counter top. That helped tremendously, but you can see I still have stuff piled everywhere taking up most of my counter space.
Here is the inspiration for Stage 3. I wanted something to put up on the wall so I could get a lot of stuff up off the counter tops. My goal here is to start scrapbooking again. My kids need baby books!
And here is what I dreamed up and Heath created! It's a monster! I think he did much better than Pottery Barn and it was certainly A LOT cheaper. I have a cork board, dry erase board, picture board, lots of buckets and shelving, and some hooks.

And here it is all filled up with stuff.

There might be a small Stage 4 because I still have a bunch of stuff on the counter top, BUT I have freed up a good amount of space for now. It's definitely a HUGE improvement.


Kristin said...


Anonymous said...

That's my boy....I'm beaming with pride. Grandma P

Pam said...

Incredible! Heath is so talented!

mrossi0513 said...

Looks amazing!!

emily said...

this looks great! i saw that shelf thing in your garbage pile and was going to stop and grab it, but when i came back home...it was gone! dang it!