January 28, 2010

What the last week has been comprised of....

Double Pink Eye. Looks really bad, but it didn't bother him a single bit. Got some drops and he was all better within hours. Had to miss school today so he didn't spread it around.
Baby Girl has cradle cap. It's like baby dandruff. Olive Oil and brushing it out seems to be working so far.
Bike rides. Peyton loves riding in the trailer.

Potty Training!!! Hallelujah!!!! We started Monday afternoon and he hasn't worn diapers (except to nap and bed) since. We've definitely mastered going pee-pee. He's telling us when he has to go, too. It's the 'other' that poses a problem. He'll get it. You only get one chance a day with that one so it's a little bit slower process. His motivating prize is a sleepover at Uncle Ronnie's house. I've promised him everything under the sun and no dice. But a sleepover at Uncle Ronnie's house has him totally excited. So cute. We're so proud of him!!
I give birth to kids who don't fall asleep in strange places very often. Hunter has NEVER fallen asleep eating or on the floor because he was just too tired. Other than her bed, Peyton will fall asleep in the sling or in the car, but rarely anywhere else on her own. Last evening about dinner time I was in my bedroom on the computer, Hunter was watching a TV show, and Peyton was playing under her play mat in the living room. I realized it had gotten quiet and I didn't hear her batting at toys anymore. She was asleep!


Robyn THE Mama Lion said...

I need Uncle Ronnie to promise Leo a sleepover so he'll get trained!!!!!

Pam said...

Poor sweet boy! I hope all is better now in the Powell household!