January 5, 2010

Christmas Day

We woke up at home on Christmas morning and Hunter opened his presents from us and Santa.
Peyton was there, too.
One of his favorite gifts is the Hungry Hungry Hippos game
Then we went over to my sister-in-laws house for breakfast and more gifts. After all the gifts were opened they told Heath and I to close our eyes. We had no idea what was going on because we weren't supposed to be receiving any gifts. They rolled 2 brand new bikes into the living room and we were so confused. It finally hit me that my mom had something to do with this. She had my brother-in-law and mother-in-law go pick out bikes for us so we didn't have to haul them back home from Jacksonville. Huge surprise! We're so excited to use them.

I must tire of being the camera lady because I have no pictures from the second half of the day at my parents' house. Shame on me. It was a looooong day.

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WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

Oh very cool! I had no idea you two got bikes...and tell Hunter Hungry Hippos was my FAVORITE game as a child too!