January 28, 2010

FIVE Months!

My baby girl is already 5 months. Where does the time go? She was a teeny thing just yesterday. She's starting to be so much fun. I love the 6-8 months age, especially.

She holds her head up great now. I can carry her on my hip with one arm, love that! She's chewing on everything and drooling some. She likes the paci, but isn't dependent on it. She occasionally sucks her thumb. She's discovered her feet and loves to hold them. She loves the bath. She's getting a little better in the car, but I can't say she loves it. She rolls from her tummy to back and is pretty close to going from back to tummy. She swings both feet up and over, but it just doesn't quite happen yet. She's very smiley and does some laughing, but we still haven't truly found that belly laugh that I know is in there. She'll let anyone hold her. Her eyes are blue like Hunter's have always been. Her hair hasn't seemed to change much. She's lost some, but it continues to stay pretty dark. She loves her brother and thinks he's pretty funny. She's still exclusively breast fed and I hope to continue that to a year. We'll start some solids in the next month. I think baby food is one of my least favorite stages so we're starting as late as possible. She's been healthy so far (knock on wood!). We've even managed to get on some sort of semi-predictable schedule. With a little sleep training we said goodbye to the cat naps. She now naps 2-3 times a day. She's up by 8am and in bed around 8pm. Not quite sleeping through the night yet. She's normally up once which doesn't really bother me because she eats and goes right back to sleep.

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