January 19, 2010

It's all about Daddy these days

Hunter is constantly adding 'like Daddy' onto his sentences lately. I hear things like "I'm growing big like Daddy" and "I'm strong like Daddy" several times a day. He loves to be out in the garage with Daddy and helping as much as he's allowed. Daddy loves that he's so interested and hopes it continues.

I walked out into the garage tonight and this is what I saw. I immediately turned around to go get the camera. Too cute!
Always gotta have ear and eye protection!
Look at the joy on Hunter's face!
And this is another thing he does like Daddy. Daddy sits exactly like this when he's watching TV.


Kristin said...

As with all of your pictures and posts, adorable...but what in the world has Heath done to his ankle????? We didn't know he was hurt!

Dena said...

Oh yeah.. haha. He has tendonitis in his foot. Hopefully just one more week of the boot. It's been on since the week after Christmas. It was a nice perk for the Gator Bowl though because he got to use the elevators at the stadium!