March 21, 2012


I'm slacking on the pictures lately, but I've got lots of Instagram pictures!

I think this documents the last day any kind of jacket will be worn.  
She looks like she's getting ready to workout.

My laundry room got a little face lift.  I've been needing some storage in there and the plan was for Heath to build some shelving.  Well, he just doesn't have the time so this storage piece was the perfect substitute.  I love organization!
new laundry room storage! This mama is happy!

Life's rough.....

Getting ready for Easter with some cute accessories.
Easter accessories for the kids.

Hunter came home from school just before St. Patrick's Day all excited because they tried to catch a leprechaun at school.  The leprechaun ransacked the classroom, left green footprints, and peed green in the toilet, but they never caught him.  Hunter was determined to catch him so he talked Daddy into creating a trap.  He put gold coins and Lucky Charms inside to entice him.  The next morning he woke up and the leprechaun had busted out of the top of the trap!  
The leprechaun trap Hunter insisted on making since they couldn't catch him at school. He's enticing him with gold coins and Lucky Charns.

This girls can milk a boo-boo.
pretty girl

Soccer is going well.  I'll be sure to take some real pictures next game.
Gooooooo Sharks!!

Heath took me to check out the piece of property his aunt and uncle bought.  Tom was having fun working the tractor.
Checking out Flamingo Ranch

I got a fresh cut and highlights.  I'm ready for this warm weather!
fresh cut and highlights, it's summer weather! Thanks @theaboufam!!

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