May 17, 2012

I'm crafting again....

I was in a crafting funk for a while, but I'm out of it.

I've been wanting to make one of these for a while.  I made it for Deni's beach condo.  It's an 18x24 canvas.  I painted the edges first.  Then gathered scrapbook paper, ripped it into strips, and modge podged it onto the canvas.  Then I made use of my Silhouette cutter that I got for Christmas and made all the letters out of vinyl.  It was a labor of love and involved a lot of hours, but I love it and so did she.  I will be making a "Family Rules" version for our house next.

The final product. Finally gave it away to @denilou10 so now I can share :)

I've been seeing tons of cute bonnets being made for photo shoots.  With a little help on the dimensions I whipped up one and that quickly led to two more.  I'll be trying one out on a little newborn this weekend. I'm addicted and will definitely be making more!


nina said...

Hello Dena,
I love your bonnets.. was wondering if you would share the instructions and pattern on how to make one.. please.. Nina

Carrie K said...

That Beach Rules is adorable!