April 20, 2011


It's been a while since I've done any embroidery or sewing, but I finally broke the trend and made something.  It was teacher appreciation week at Hunter's school last week and one of the things the class did was give each teacher a gift card.  I decided to make something to put the gift card in.  I found these which are actually business card holders, but they work for gift cards, too.

Business Card/Gift Card holder


Then I decided I needed one for myself to hold my Everyday Moments Photography business cards....which I don't actually have yet, but they'll have a home when I do get them!


Lastly, I made some hair clips for Peyton.  She's a stinker and I've said before that the only thing she'll tolerate in her hair are these little banana clips.  She yanks these out also and we lose our fair share, but at least she keeps them in for a while and they don't break the bank when we lose one.  For Easter I wanted something other than a plain clip and knowing that she won't wear a bow embellishing a banana clip is my best chance for success.  So, covered button banana clips it is!  They literally take 2 minutes to make.  Cover a button and glue it on.  I think I'll be making a bunch more of these!  


Kristin said...

All so cute. Lucky teachers! :-)

Robyn THE Mama Lion said...

ohhh good idea on the clips!!! I may need to get myself a button maker!