April 4, 2011

Let's have a little FUN today!

The Ellen Show was in town taping a couple of shows at Universal Studios.  Back in February me and my friend Robyn requested tickets online for the show.  She scored two guaranteed seats and I got two standby tickets.  She asked me to join her in her guaranteed seats and I was more than happy to!  I gave my standby tickets to Heath's aunt and cousin.  It was a long day, but so fun!  And let's not talk about the hurdles we jumped through to be there....a baby that won't take a bottle and a throwing up husband the night before.  We made it happen though!  

We waited from 11:30am until 3pm when the show started taping.  Heath's aunt and cousin got there at 9am and were some of the last to get a seat at 3pm.  I'm so glad they got in after waiting all that time!
I've never actually created a bucket list, but I'm pretty sure this would be on it.  Attend a live show taping....check!

Show airs on Wednesday, April 6.
At the Ellen Show taping at Universal!

My orange dress totally scored us an aisle seat!  And Ellen danced right up our aisle.  I could have reached out and touched her.
My orange dress got me an aisle seat!!

Woot! Putting the phone away.


Rachel said...

Ohh jealous!! That would definitely be on my bucket list!

Kristine said...

You look fabulous!! How fun!