April 19, 2011

Soccer Star

(I don't think anyone liked the crying baby being made to swim video so we're moving on.  Doesn't mean I won't post about it again tho!  This is the scrapbook of their lives afterall :o)

Another soccer season begins.  This is Hunter's third season of soccer and he continues to love it and improve.  This will be his last season with the 3/4 age group.  He'll move to the 5/6 next season.  We missed his first game because we were away last weekend, but Grandma cheered him on and he scored 2 goals.  This week he declared that he wanted to score 5 goals in the game.  He came away with 6.  Both his parents tend to be over achievers so I suppose he gets it honestly :o)  We're so happy he enjoys sports.  We're going to continue to stick with soccer as long as he's enjoying it.  This summer the YMCA is offering a soccer camp put on by British coaches so I think he'll be participating in that.

I did my best at taking pictures.  It's slightly challenging when you're trying to keep up with a wondering toddler.




This little girl in pink sunglasses gave him a run for his money.  She was pretty fast and scored her share of goals, too.

And there she is keeping up with him.

A little tap in goal.


Anonymous said...

My little buddy is so awesome.

Denise said...

Way to go Hunter, that's impressive!