April 22, 2011

just like brother

In the last week Peyton has been obsessed with wearing Hunter's things.  Hunter has never been one to dress up or to care what he's wearing so this is new to me.  He's never once wanted to go out in public wearing something ridiculous.  I have a feeling Peyton might be a bit more opinionated.

Here she's wearing his crocs.

She keeps stealing his pajama shorts out of the clean laundry pile and she manages to put them on.
I'm pretty impressed since she's only 19 months.  She likes 'em baggy I guess.

She came prancing out of his room in these yesterday.

She likes to wear his helmet and just sit on his big bike.
wants to do everything brother does

She's obviously quite observant.  She lifts up both lids of the toilet and stands to pee.  She apparently thinks it comes out of your belly button.  Cutest thing EVER.  It's probably time to get the little potty out.  We could be rid of diapers before you know it!


Robyn THE Mama Lion said...

Haha to the potty picture! She's going to love it when you show that to her future husband :) I think it's in a girl's nature to want to dress up and be fashionable. She just hasn't started looking in magazines for inspiration:)

mrossi0513 said...

The potty! Oh heavens - too much!

Nicole said...

That last picture is a-ma-zing!!!!

Denise said...

Love it! Connor does the same thing with the potty - so cute!