May 23, 2008

All Done

That is Hunter's favorite phrase to utter throughout his swim lessons. This time, he's really all done. Today he swam in his winter clothes and passed with flying colors. He knows how to swim to the wall and he knows when he needs to roll over and float. The whole purpose of these lessons is still to make sure he knows how to save his life if he were to fall into a body of water.

In these videos he's swimming in winter clothes and a real diaper. The diaper alone adds 5 pounds once it's filled with water. And yes, he's crying in the videos, but not nearly as bad as the first week. She says he'd be the perfect baby to video if it weren't for the crying :o)


Hage Family said...

That's awesome!! he is textbook...that is so awesome..way to go Hunter!!

Jennifer said...

Yea Hunter!!! I know it's been a rough few weeks on you going to lessons every day, but look how good all turned out! Hope you have a great time on the cruise!

Anonymous said...

Wow how amazing! Go Hunter!