September 17, 2008

Taking the 'cave' game to a whole new level

Leave it to Daddy to come up with something bigger and better.  The cave game started with just a blanket.  They would get underneath it and say they were in a cave.

Daddy decided it was time to get bigger and better so he set up a card table and draped a sheet over it.  Hunter had a ball crawling in and out of it.

Taking the 'cave' game to a whole new level

Pretty cool!
Daddy and Hunter inside the cave


Marcie said...

What a cute picture of Heath and Hunter. Paul says we haven't seen you guys all we know! haha

Anonymous said... two favorite "cavemen". What fun.

Anonymous said...

Whoops forgot my name on previous comment...from Grandma P

Jennifer said...

I think Santa needs to deliver a tent this year! :)

Kristin said...

Very cute! :-)