September 4, 2008

No more vacations...

Summer vacations are officially over for us.  Key West was a lot of fun!  The weather was actually good for the most part.  We had one day of constant rain as Hurricane Gustav passed us, but otherwise it was beautiful.  We took a lot of pictures.  I've never really just walked around and took pictures of things before.  Typically, I'm taking pictures of people.  This trip I walked the streets and just took pictures.  It was fun and I think I'll do it more often.  Between Lisa and I, I have just over 200 pictures from our 'good' (Canon Rebel) cameras.  Here is the link to Flickr to see them all, if you wish.  Click here.

Here we all are at the southern most point of the United States.  I have been to Key West at least 4 times and had never been to this spot.
All 6 of us

The girls at sunset at Mallory Square.  My niece, Ashton, was vacationing with her dad in the Keys so she came out one night to see us.

Here's me at work.  Thanks for taking this, Lis.
Me - the wanna be photographer


Kristin said...

Soo much fun! Except I still can't get Lisa's Flickr pics... :-(

Jennifer said...

Dena's Cigars--Love it!...and um, the pictures of Heath and the breeze freezes are hysterical!