August 28, 2008

Key West, here we come!

Heath and I are off to Key West for Labor Day weekend. Two other couples will be joining us and we've rented a nice house to stay in. Thankfully, the storms have steered clear of the keys so we should have a pretty dry weekend. Hunter will be staying with Dedi.

We had an eventful day yesterday. Since Monday he's had a runny nose and a cough that started keeping him awake at night. Mother's intuition made me bring him to the doctor to make sure it was nothing more than a cold since I'm leaving him for several days. Turns out he was wheezing enough to be concerned. We ended up coming home with an antibiotic, a steriod, and a nebulizer. Hunter hates all of it. Sorry, Dedi! I hope he's better for you. Luckily, you wouldn't know he's not well. He's still a bundle of energy.

Mr. Potato Head Hunter

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