August 11, 2008

We're back!

Our week at the beach was awesome! We rented a 3-bedroom condo and shared it with Heath's mom and Heath's sister, husband, and 2 kids. Then Dedi had a separate condo with her daughter and my parents came to visit for a couple days as well. Everyone got along wonderfully all week. The older kids were very tolerant of Hunter and played very well with him. He loves the older boys. Hunter is now repeating a lot of words so he has names for everyone - Grandma (ma'am-uh), Tiffanie (TeeTee), Ethan (Eee), Ashton (Ash-ah), Uncle (pronounces this one perfect), Grandpa (Papa).

I'm having laptop issues so all my pictures aren't uploaded to Flickr yet. Here is one and about half of them are up on Flickr. This link might work.

Beach Week Aug08 043

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Jennifer said...

I know you must be dying without your laptop! I hope Heath finds that new router soon! Thanks for having us as the beach last Sunday!