August 25, 2008


I bought Hunter a play tool (an angle grinder for those that know what that is) and it came with a pair of protective goggles for all those make believe wood particles that will be flying around. He thinks they're great.


Hunter24 003

Daddy's Turn
Hunter24 004

And the obligatory 'cheese' photo. I must have a hundred of these.
Hunter24 005


Jennifer said...

Cute new layout--I bet you are loving your MAC!!

Anonymous said...

I love the new look...what no music? I never get tired of that "cheesy" smile. He is just adorable and I love sooooooooo much and Dena, may I say, you're a great Mom. Grandma P

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Hunter knows how much he means to so many people...I know he has a big hold on my heart. He is just soooo special, cheesy smile and all.