September 8, 2008


We had dinner with friends and their kids Sunday night.  Our friends, Megan and Tommy, have Rockband for the Wii.  None of us have ever played it or even seen it in action.  They pulled out all the instruments and even the microphone.  Karl was on guitar singing backup, Tommy was lead man with another guitar, Hunter had a third guitar, and Zach was tearin' it up on the drums.  So cute!

Playing Rockband with Karl and Tommy

Zach playing drums

I'm pretty happy with these 2 pictures I took of Erin and Karl's kids.

This is Kai and he's 9 months
Brown Eyes

This is Kaitlyn and she's almost 3
Kaitlyn Color


Marcie said...

Zack and Hunter Playing the instruments is great! Hunter is concentrating really hard! I told you he needs a drum set...but maybe a guitar! :)

Really great shots of Kai and Kaityln too. Background really fades away. Nice job!

radivonyk said...

Those are so cute......we might have the next real "rock band" on our hands!