September 21, 2008

Hunter's 2nd Birthday Party!

My baby is TWO!  I can't believe it.  

Hunter's birthday party was at one of his favorite places ever, the Kanga Room.   He had 14 friends and cousins attend.  The kids played for over an hour and then they all had pizza and cookie cake.  There was a little time to play some more and then it was over.  Quite a whirlwind, but the kids had a blast and I didn't have to worry about cleaning, cooking, or organizing a single thing!  That's my kind of party!

Go here to see all the pictures from his special day.

Sheer happiness


Jennifer said...

Such a big boy!!

Kristin said...

Very cute. :-)

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a wonderful party and a great success. Tell Hunter he has good "taste" in entertainment. Grandma P