September 4, 2012

The baby goes to school...

Today, for the first time, I packed 2 lunches.
Peyton started preschool... the 3 year old class.
She barely makes it since her birthday was just a week ago.  She's the baby.
She's been so excited to go to preschool.
She was super excited to take her lunch and play on the playground.
She has not been super excited about the 'mommy doesn't stay at school' part.

My first time packing 2 lunches. The baby is going off to school.





She walked in with no clinging.

Sat down and started a puzzle.


She whimpered a bit when I said good-bye.  You can see the nervousness in her eyes.

I'm happy to report that she had a great day.  The teacher said there was no crying and she did just fine.
She ate all of her lunch which is always a good sign.
I can already tell that I am going to know A LOT more about what goes on at school with her than I ever have with Hunter.
She told me that she ate all her lunch, played on the playground, played with Cole, read stories, read Chicka Chicka boom boom,  and sang songs.
I asked if she had a fun first day of school and she said, "YES, I want to do it again!".

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