September 6, 2012

Our New Home Away From Home!

We are the new owners of a pop up camper!
We've been thinking about this purchase for a couple of months.  Heath and I both grew up camping and we've been tent camping a few times with Hunter in the past couple of years.
We decided this would be a good purchase because we could do a little bit more traveling and it will be great family time.  We'd love to camp in The Keys and go to Stone Mountain.  Those 2 places are on the top of the list so far.  And of course we'll camp close to home with friends like we normally do.  This baby has A/C so now we can camp even when it's warm.  That was the #1 requirement for Heath.   It does need a bit of a facelift inside... some new linoleum flooring and new curtains, but after that we will be set!  We're excited and can't wait to fix it up and go camping!

{This is the back side}
Our new home away from home!

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