September 20, 2012

What we've been up to...

The last post was about the camper we bought.  Well, since then we've just been sick.  Heath got bronchitis and has been on meds for a week now and since isn't 100%.  I've had THE PLAGUE...that's what I'm calling it.  It won't go away.  It's been a week for me, too.  The kids are fine though.  So, this is what I feel like....
I think I'm more tired with 2 kids in school than I was with them home

Hunter continues to love school.  His teacher says he's the best singer in the class :).  Peyton asks to go to school every day. In just a couple of weeks it has changed her personality SO much.  This week they are taking care of babies that they made out of a bag of rice.  She tells me everyday what she did with that baby.  One day the baby needed a check-up and was sick.  Then the next day the baby was all better.  She's super excited to bring the baby home tomorrow.
off to school

Saturday was Hunter first soccer game.  He's moved up an age group so it's a little more competitive since all the kids actually want to participate.  He managed to score 2 goals and really hustled the whole game.
resulted in his first goal of the season and first of two for the day ⚽⚽ #soccer #hustle

Today was Hunter's birthday.  Heath and I had lunch with him at school and we went out for ice cream tonight. (Official birthday post coming soon.)
Lunch with the birthday boy! How do I have a 6 year old??


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