August 17, 2007

The Ice Man

There is a man that lives on our street and we’ve dubbed him “The Ice Man” due to the excessive amount of Ice House beer he drinks. We first started monitoring his habits over a year ago. On recycle days there would be at least 4 cases (18 packs) of beer out for the recycle man. Over the months the average started to creep up to where it was normal for him to have 6 cases out for the recycle man. I’m sure you’re thinking that this guy has parties and lots of people over all the time, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. This guy lives alone and there is never another car in his driveway. He’s obviously retired because his car is always there. Makes me wonder when he gets the beer and how since he must always be drunk. We’ve heard other neighbors say that he mows his grass late at night in the dark.

So, back to the beer. He’s very obsessive compulsive about his recycling. He cuts the flaps off the beer cases and puts his empty bottles back in the box WITH the caps screwed back on when he’s finished. On recycle day he has nicely stacked boxes of beer sitting in the middle of his driveway. July 4th happened to be on a Wednesday this year and that is recycle day for us. We realized that he would have 2 weeks worth of beer the next week. The following Wednesday he didn’t get his recycling out in time (it came between 9 and 10am because that’s when we left and got back from swimming lessons). We were all set to take a picture of at least 12 cases of beer. The next week it would be 3 weeks worth of beer so potentially 18 cases. And LOOK, 18 ½ cases of beer!!

Our neighbor, who works for Ripley's Believe It or Not even had it put on their website! (scroll down to the bottom left of the page)

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Jennifer D said...

ha! Now, that's my kind of neighbor--ha.