January 5, 2008

Happy New Year!

So, we had our 4th Annual (Sort of -we skipped the 3rd because Hunter was tiny) Turkey Drop New Years Eve Party. I'll explain the meaning of 'turkey drop' below with the pictures.

Here's the food. Marcie was a huge help with all her Martha Stewart-ness.
The lighted ice blocks are a must have!
No party is complete without a yummy chocolate fountain!

For those of you who don't know the story of how the turkey drop came about I will explain. In 2001 when I started working at my job the owners gave out turkeys to the employees before Thanksgiving. I lived in an apartment with my friend and we never cooked the turkey. Fast forward to 2003 when Heath and I got married and I was moving into our house - I still had the turkey in my apartment freezer. Instead of throwing it out we moved it over to our house. I guess maybe we thought you could still cook it? I don't know. One night in the hot tub I brought up the turkey and asked Marcie if I could still cook it. I got some crazy looks and a firm 'no'. The next question was what can I do with it? Paul (her husband) came up with the idea to drop it like the New Years ball on New Year's Eve. 2004 would be the First Annual Turkey Drop New Year's Eve Party. Back then we didn't hang it up and drop it. Paul would just heave it up and into the pool. This year was the first year the boys figured out how to hang it. It was on a pulley system and they just pulled one little pin and down it went. It's just about the funniest thing I've ever seen.
Here are Heath and Paul getting it rigged up earlier in the day.
And here is the dramatic hanging around 11pm. And yeah, there is some silver garland wrapped around it to create a nice sparkle.

And I have no actual pictures of it dropping because I had the video camera and no one else was taking pictures!

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Anonymous said...

You never told me the story about the Turkey Drop....what fun...I love your creativeness. Grandma P