February 26, 2009

Train Ride

There is a guy that runs this cute train at a local shopping center.  Hunter has been once before with Dedi (they rode it 4 times because Hunter couldn't get enough and still left having a meltdown).  It was Tuesday and rides were only $1 per person (normally $3) so I promised Hunter we would go.  During the ride I warned him that we were only riding one time and then going to Grandma's house. Apparently that was good enough because we left without a meltdown.  Maybe he's just maturing a little :o)

Here's a little video while riding the train


Anonymous said...

the video is SOOO cute!


Anonymous said...

I hope you can keep this video a lifetime 'cause his voice is so adorable, of course, coming from a complete objective person. GrandmaP. I hope your mom can hear and see this.

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

Where is this!?! Love it!

radivonyk said...

Zach has watched this video like 8000 times. He keeps telling me he wants to see Hunter on the train. :) We finally took him for a ride this past Saturday with Tommy's family. Tell Heath we're proud of him for passing up free Magic tics to keep a promise to a 2 yr. old for another train ride!!