December 21, 2009

3 months

My baby girl is soon to be 4 months... the day after Christmas. She's holding her head up really well and rolling from tummy to back. She gives pretty smiles and really wants to laugh, but just can't find that belly laugh yet. It's kind of a cough sound when she tries. She has found her hands and chews on them all the time. I catch her with her thumb in her mouth quite often, too. She's starting to drool so it's time to get out the bibs. Overall, she's a pretty good baby. She sleeps well at night, but we have yet to figure out a daytime nap routine. It'll come.

I have this picture of Hunter at 3 months and I've been meaning to get a similar one of Peyton at the same age. I've been dragging my feet all month and today I finally did it... less than a week before she turns 4 months. Phew, at least I got it in there.
(This is a picture of a picture. I couldn't find my digital copy.)

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Little Moon Photography said...

Aww she's such a pretty little baby!! Love these!