June 3, 2010

Little Fish

Hunter's been able to swim since he was about 18 months old. He could swim from the steps to someone or from someone to the steps. A person had to be in the pool at all times though. As of last summer he'd jump off one side of the pool and swim to the other. The one thing he hasn't learned is how to take a breath and keep swimming. To do this he needs to use his float like he's learned in swim lessons. He can do it when forced (by the swim teacher), but always refused at home or had a meltdown over it. Until this year! He's finally doing it. I feel like I can officially say that at 3 years 8 months he knows how to swim. I took some video last night and you'll hear from him that he especially wanted to show this to Grandma, Dedi, and Uncle Ronnie.

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Anonymous said...

Good job Hunter...so proud of my little buddy.