July 8, 2010

embrace the camera: july 8

I guess I unintentionally took a week long blogging break since I haven't posted since last week's embrace the camera. Too many 4th of July activities this weekend I guess. Lots of pictures to post from that though.

We went bowling with some other little friends last week. So, here are me and Peyton at the bowling alley.
Hunter with his bowling shoes on
This was the first time we've used the ball ramp. It made the ball go much faster than the kids just trying to roll it down on their own (which they did some of, too).


MarkyDsMom said...

i think everyone took a week... it probably has to do with the holiday! :o)

emily said...

wait, your kids bowl free?? when and where?
and also, i've never seen such a contraption---the bowler, helper thingy.
that would be fabulous for my little people!

Heath said...

Emily - go to this website for the info on teh free bowling.


The "bowler, helper thingy" is main used by people in a wheelchair but works out great for the kiddos also.

Dena said...

Thanks, babe. I emailed her though :o)

Jenni said...

cute pictures of you and your kiddos! bowling with little ones is always interesting!

Amy H. said...

Great pics!

Mande said...

Love these pictures!! Your kiddos are adorable!! Cannot wait to take my son bowling again, so much fun!!